2022: Weekend in Malapascua-Kalanggaman Islands

**disclaimer: this is supposed to be for May post***

Yay it’s my birth month! Nyay birthday falls on a Monday! Ack!

Yes, it’s that time again wherein I was thinking of a quick getaway for my birthday. Five (5) years ago, I promised myself to go somewhere during my birthday/ birth month whether be a place I’ve been to or somewhere new.

Since pandemic is still here, I can only do short getaways.

A week prior to it, my goal is to go to Leyte and visit Cuatros Islas and other islets but that didn’t happen due to my work schedule. I called up shipping lines for the schedule but nada! Ferry schedules doesn’t meet with mine. I opted to go to Malapascua and from there hop on to another ferry going to Leyte Island. Oh well, although I was able to visit Malapascua but I only ended up visiting Kalanggaman Island then back to the island instead of jumping to Leyte.


Around 4am, I left the house and went to the bus terminal to start my adventure. Arrived at Maya port quite late but can’t complain as I am just a commuter. Sadly, I was the 1st passenger of the ferry so I had to wait for the ferry to be full, what a luck! LOL!

Had no time to eat breakfast as there’s no food nearby the port plus I wasn’t able to bring snacks with me. As soon as I arrived in Malapascua port, I hurriedly went to the nearest store and bought biscuits/ candies for me to munch and an additional water before hopping to another ferry going to Kalanggaman Island.


More than an hour and we arrived at Kalanggaman Island. It was high tide and sadly weather’s not that pretty good.

I met a new solo traveler, Krizel (from Pampanga). She’s also in the same ferry as me but I thought she was with someone or with a group but found out at the island that she’s also alone. She’s a solo traveler and Cebu’s her last stop for her solo backpacking.


We clicked immediately. Took pictures of each other and even thinking of staying in the island just to see the sandbar but rates expensive and weather’s not cooperating. I told her of my plan of going to Leyte but there’s no ferry available to bring me there so I decided to go back to Malapascua Island and stayed there for the night.

We hanged out in the evening, talked about future travel plans and shared my travel experiences then before we called in the night, I met a friend, Ejay in the island as well.

Next day, I went with her touring the island then we had breakfast and boarded the ferry back to Cebu City together. Before we parted our ways, we had samgyupsal at Jeju Island. Thank you Krizel for letting me accompany you and see you whenever, wherever, soon! 😊


  • ·  Malapascua Island is located in the North of Cebu so you need to be in Cebu first to visit the island. Then head to North Bus terminal, you will see a bus going to Maya Port you may ride that or if you’re in a hurry there are vans outside you may ride that or the black cabs. Just don’t forget to mentioned that you’re going to Malapascua Island. For the bus fare I am not quite sure about this but for the black cab it’s PHP300/way ($6/way)
  • Environmental fee is at PHP75/pax ($1.5)
  • Boat fee is at PHP200/pax ($4)


  • Kalanggaman Island is located in Palompon, Leyte and you can access it via Malapascua Island or in Palompon Leyte itself via boat.
  • Joined the tour of Sir Jeffrey Jay Yordan to Kalanggaman as mentioned earlier I am supposed to jump to Leyte from Kalanggaman but weather’s not cooperating
  • Paid around PHP1,500 ($30) for the tour since I am alone including the lunch and if we opted to stay overnight we’re going to pay the same amount from Kalanggaman to Malapascua the next day (expensive, right?)


  • Too many places to stay there you have to check properly according to your preferences. I stayed at Little Mermaid Dive Resort, since I booked it last minute plus it’s weekend the price isn’t that cheap. I got it for PHP2,500/overnight stay ($50) but the place is good for two with complimentary breakfast for two and wi-fi connection as well. It’s also a beachfront resort and few meters away from Hippocampus Beach Resort (it gets fully booked fast).


  • Before there’s a resort in there but not so sure as of this moment since the island was struck during the typhoon. Perhaps, you can bring your hammock or tent in case you want to do overnight


  • I only stayed overnight so I guess I have to visit again to know
  • Lunch was included in the island tour, by evening stayed at Hippocampus for grilled food and booze
  • Breakfast was free in the hotel and it’s good as well


  • Well technically my plan was not followed so I was just relaxing the entire 2 days
  • You may avail the Kalanggaman tour if you’re in Malapascua Island
  • There’s a land tour as well compromises of: visiting the lighthouse, abandoned resort, Langub beach/North Beach, and others I forgot. Rate is PHP150/hour/pax ($3), expensive? I know.


  1. Don’t forget to bring sunblock, shades and cap with you
  2. Global warming is happening so please practice CLAYGO at all times and don’t forget to bring a water bottle with you
  3. Always bring extra cash with you in case your plan/s will fail
  4. There’s no food in Maya Port so please eat breakfast or eat something before you go
  5. Bring light snacks, chocolates with you for energy boost
  6. Hotels/Hostels not always as described in the picture/ web so please read the reviews carefully before hitting that “book now” button
  7. Hippocampus is where most people hang and they have Buy 1 Take 1 on its cocktails pricing at PHP150 ($3) until 7 in the evening.
  8. Kindly check the weather to not spoil your adventure
  9. Wear comfortable footwear as much as possible wear something with a dual purpose to lessen your baggage
  10. Don’t hesitate to approach and talk to people specially the locals; there are no strangers when it comes to traveling but only friends you haven’t yet met

Thank you and see you whenever, wherever….

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