2022: Weekend in Panglao, Bohol

Weekend in Bohol? Why not?

You see I am now living in Cebu and Bohol is just a boat away from us.

I’ve been to Bohol but that was several years ago, I can’t even remember plus I did not pay anything for the trip. This time, my colleagues and I are talking about it and decided to visit the place. We actually have 2-3 weeks to prepare for the trip, I was of course excited after our first trip together in La Union last March. We were supposed to be a group of more than 5 but then again you know what happen… well I’m sure you know exactly what happened, I ended up alone.

This isn’t the first time though, technically I am a solo traveler so this is not new to me it’s just I don’t know. Perhaps, I am meant to be a solo traveler after all and not travelling with a group… way easier and no itinerary to prepare or people to think about. Selfish? I don’t think so.

So yes, I went to Bohol all by myself on a Saturday morning. Woke up so early that I still didn’t catch the 1st boat ride to Tagbilaran because there’s a cutoff. Thinking of changing my mind? Nah, I waited for the 2nd boat ride at 8:20, 2 hours and 20 minutes, that’s how patient I am.

My friend, Kaye, is already there doing some ocular inspection for her business.

Kaye and I haven’t travelled together, we were not even close enough to think about travelling together. It’s just that I asked her for some recommendations and there she said she’ll extend her stay in Bohol.

Although Kaye has been travelling to different places this is her first time travelling solo. 

I know Bohol is an expensive place to travel, everything has a price but it wouldn’t hurt though visiting the place. It’s beautiful just like any place I visited.

Once I arrived in Tagbilaran, weather’s not so good so I immediately went straight to Panglao to the resort where Kaye and I will meet.

We stayed there the entire time, ate, drank and took pictures. Witnessed a wedding too! How lovely was it?

By evening, we went to Tawala for dinner and drinks with other fellow solo travelers. 

Stayed up until 4:00 in the morning and just like that my first day in Bohol ended.

The next day, the weather was still the same. Heavy rain in the morning. Sleep weather.

Took brunch. Afternoon, I just sat on the beach doing nothing with Kaye and with a few people.

Evening came, we had a pregame at the hostel before we hit the club.

Got stung by jellyfish and sea urchin, an added experience to my travels.

Two days went by and I wasn’t able to tour the entire Bohol due to the bad weather, still… I had fun. 


  • If you are from Manila then you book yourself a flight from Manila to Tagbilaran. Please know that the airport now is located in Panglao and not in Tagbilaran although the ticket is still marked as TAG (Tagbilaran) but you will be arriving in Panglao
  • If you are from Cebu you may try to check Oceanjet online and reserved/ purchase a ticket ahead of time but if you are like me who do last minute, please please wake up early so you will be able to purchase the first boat ride to Tagbilaran


1ST trip – 6:00 AM

2nd trip – 8:20 AM

3rd trip – 10:40 AM

Oceanjet also have schedules to Tubigon and Getafe (newest route). Check where you are goingyou might want to ride the other routes instead of going straight to Tagbilaran.

Fee from Cebu to Bohol is PHP800 or about $16, whether you are seated in the aircon or up in the open air you will still be paying the same amount. Travel time is roughly two hours.

Since my destination is in Panglao, I did D.I.Y it. I never thought commuting in Panglao is very hard and expensive.

From the port, I hailed a public tricycle to the bus terminal for PHP50 ($1), then rode the P2P bus going to the airport, fare is PHP70 ($.1.5) but it should be a lot cheaper because I didn’t know the name of the place where I stopped. Anyway, from the place where I dropped off (already in Panglao) it took me 30 minutes to ride a tricycle. Yes! As mentioned, commuting in Panglao is very hard even the locals are waiting as well. They don’t have a standard rate so whatever the tricycle driver asks you that’s it, that’s the amount you will be paying. Like seriously? Hello LTFRB???  Good thing the tricycle driver I hailed was good he just asked me PHP100 ($2), big still but cheaper compared to what I heard. If only I knew I could’ve asked for the tricycle driver’s name and contracted him.


  • Too many good places to stay in Bohol, if you want to stay in Tagbilaran then you may stay there if you want in Panglao then go ahead. If you will be staying in Panglao, stay in Tawala or nearby, it’s where most travelers are staying and the party scene is located.


  • Loboc River Cruise, if you are doing a land tour in Bohol, this is part of the option but the food isn’t that good as it used to be
  • Shaka, (familiar? Yes, they also have one in Panglao)
  •  Bollywood, legit! Authentic Indian food… their cheese naan is zoooo yummy!
  •  South Palms Resort Panglao, food was great but waiting time is so long. You need to order immediately like 30 minutes or an hour before your actual eating time because again, waiting time for the food to be serve is too long even the mere drinks took time. And, it’s pricey.
  • I forgot the name of the store that sells barbecue, it’s just in Tawala area. Their barbecue’s so good


  • Well if you are like me and just wanted to relax then all good but if it’s your first-time visiting Bohol you may want to book yourself a tour package:
    • I actually contacted Sir Rommel Ladera Limocon (Facebook name) for the land tour and by far the cheapest if you’re a solo traveler because he will tour you around with his motorcycle. Pick you up in the port and will drop you off in your accommodation
    • If you want to be a joiner, you may also inquire at Valeroso Ralle On Tour (Facebook name), it’s PHP500 ($10) for a landtour minus the entrance fees and other hidden charges, lol
    • If you’re a big group, there’s too many agencies around for you to choose you just have to select wisely


  • Don’t forget to bring sunblock, shades and cap with you
  • Learn how to drive a motorcycle, it’s a lot cheaper to travel than commuting around the island (or any island you will visit)
  • Vinegar is the key to the jellyfish and sea urchin sting so make sure there’s one available just in case
  • Bring extra money as again, Panglao is very expensive specially for a commuter
  • If you’re alone, stay in hostels and you will meet a lot of people
  • Wake up super early or purchase a boat ticket ahead of time so you won’t be left behind and time won’t be wasted
  • People are not wearing masks in Panglao so it’s up to you to decide if you will follow them
  • Tricycle fare is not standard in Panglao so better check first the places you’d like to visit so you can haggle the fare to the tricycle driver
  • I say don’t visit CALUNA bar in Panglao, it’s near Alona beach. Waitresses aren’t friendly enough specially if you are not a foreigner, Westerner to be exact.
  • Internet connection is good in Panglao so if you are a digital nomad then this is a good place for you to stay
  • Not sure when exactly is party day but during my stay Saturday was kind of dull. We were able to party on a Sunday
  • Practice CLAYGO at all times
  • Trust no one but yourself. It is nice to meet new people and hang out with them but scam artists can often be the most charming companions you’ll find so keep your guard up

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