2022: Holyweek in Boracay

Since I started travelling again, I’ve been itching to travel monthly – solo or not solo.

Well, it’s that time of the year wherein we have the longest time off from work due to Holy Week. Phew.

I was already checking airfare deals and even hotel deals a month before my supposed trip because:

  1. LGU requirements
  2. Holiday means airfares and hotels are either fully book or way too expensive.

I didn’t have an itinerary, basically just enjoying the week long time off to relax and take care of myself.

I didn’t know that I had friends coming, I only knew when I mentioned to them that the airlines were on sale and that I was able to grabbed myself a cheap fare from Cebu to Caticlan back to Cebu via AirAsia. We were not supposed to meet each other as their tickets were booked a week before mine however airlines were sending flight cancellations 2 weeks prior so there, they aligned their tickets to mine. I was happy but then my ticket got cancelled by AirAsia. I had to book another ticket via Cebu Pacific Air, luckily, I was able to snatched a good price.

A week prior my flight was moved to an earlier date and no other choice but to accept it as it’s the only flight available so I did work remotely. Nyay!

Oh! I’ve been to Boracay a lot of times but this is my 1st time visiting on a Holy Week.

Quite disappointed with the LGU though, I mean yes, it’s a go-to-place and everyone is excited to travel again but during my visit there were TOO MANY visitors. I bet you read the news or even saw it in your Facebook feeds the number of visitors who were there during the Holy Week. Wished I moved my travel dates during that time, sadly I already booked a hotel to stay and it’s non-refundable.

Fast forward to the arrival, on my first day I did not go out. I was inside my room working all day and night that it seems I am just at home working. Sadt.

Weather was not cooperating though.

Second day, it’s a bit sunny then the moment it hit lunchtime rain began.

Definitely not a good summer outing.

I met up with my 2 friends and we went to Belmont Hotel (Station “0”) since that’s where they were staying.

Lesser crowd.

WIFI Connection? Damn GOOD! Even when you’re at the beach the signal is strong. Stronger than the internet connection in my office. What a shame.

As mentioned earlier, I’ve been to Boracay several times so basically no more activities for me in my itinerary. Just walking, swimming, eating, talking…. Basically, enjoying the moment.

Sunsets in Boracay is one of the must-sees however due to the bad weather, the sun wasn’t setting beautifully during my visit.

Almost a week in the island and it felt so good minus the crowd though.

I’ve been to a lot of beaches in the Philippines but I must say that Boracay has the best beach and I don’t mind visiting it again and again and again.


  • If you’re from Aklan then you just have to ride a bus or van going to the port
  • If you’re from outside Aklan, you may check airfare deals via Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, AirAsia, or nay private planes that will take you from your area to Boracay
  • You may take a shipping vessel as well if you’re not afraid and if you’re patient enough… lesser compared to the airline ticket
  • From the Airport, you may hire a van or take a public tricycle outside for PHP50/pax (PHP100 if solo)
  • You will be dropped off at the Jetty Port going to the Island, go inside the port:Go to the first booth: Environmental Fee = PHP150/paxNext Second booth: Terminal Fee = PHP100/paxThird booth: Boat Fee = PHP50/pax
  • After, you may proceed to the boat areas wherein you will present all the receipts, then the boat representative will give you a number of your assigned seat in the boat and off you go
  • Once arrived in the island, there are vans there waiting incase you hired one, there are private e-trikes too! As for me I asked where the public e-trikes were located and it only cost me PHP20 from the port to my hotel
  • When you decided that it’s time to go home, just wait for a public e-trike to bring you to the airport or hire a van, or you may ask your accommodation in case they offer free transport going back to the port
  • You will be paying a terminal fee again + boat + e-trike = PHP160


Too many good places to eat, but please don’t expect that it’s cheap knowing Boracay Island full of tourists (foreign & local). Few of the restaurants I tried during my stay:

  • Sunny Side Café, too expensive for a SILOG meal. Too overrated and OILY. Waiting time is long so please come in early if you want to try. Like SUPER EARLY. I visited the place around 9:30 in the morning and there’s already a queue.
  • For the dinner, we ate at TSUKIJI KEN BORACAY, a Japanese restaurant. It was good though but pricey. Imagine, Takuyaki is PHP150 for 4 pieces only? O.O
  • JEEPNEY STOP, first time to eat here and I’d say for a Filipino food it’s good – located in D’Mall
  • JONAH’S FRUIT SHAKE is overrated. Not the same as it used to be, I mean the taste.
  • REAL COFFEE & TEA, signature coffee is so-so nothing special same goes with the lemon muffin and it’s pricey.
  • EXIT BAR, for your cheap alcoholic drinks in the island


  • When going back to the Airport from Boracay island, you may opt out the e-trike as the distance from the Jetty Port to Caticlan airport is walkable. Less than 1km only.
  • If you do not want crowd, do not visit during the Holy Week or stay in Station “0”
  • Tour rates and water activities are standard however in Belmont Hotel you get to avail the water activities for free like: kayak, paddle board also you get to see the Keyhole for free or even sunset watching. They too have a free shuttle service going to station 2 and back, please check the schedule
  • Don’t forget to bring sunscreen, caps, shades with you
  • Stay in Paradise Garden Hotel and avail their breakfast meal, it’s something that I looked forward to every morning during my stay there but the hotel is a quite old and needed renovation. The rooms have woodborers. Internet connection is something you don’t like here and if you’re working remotely not a good place to stay.
  • There are hostels that have good WIFI Connection like FRENDZ Hostel, I stayed there for my first day and the connection’s good plus the price is not expensive. It’s good for budgetarian peeps and digital nomads. The place has a chill vibe and it offers good grilled food (NOT FOR FREE) and they have happy hour too for the cocktail drinks.
  • Tricycle fare ranges from PHP20-PHP25 depends on the distance please do not pay more than that unless you are hiring it privately
  • Our tourism industry is still getting back, please be patient with the waiters/ waitresses/ and other hotel staff you see
  • Please expect that prices and rates this time are higher compared to your last visit specially when it comes to food
  • If you’re a big eater, please check out hotels who offers buffet meals. It’ll save you up from thinking what to eat as there are a lot of choices and way cheaper compared to ordering 2-3 kinds of dishes in one meal.
  • Summer season is green algae season in Boracay, so do not be disappointed. If you want to avoid this, do not visit during the months of February to mid-May
  • Always practice CLAYGO wherever you go

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