BATUKARAS XX XX (indonesia)



It’s been awhile already since I write, 2 years maybe?

Why now? I don’t know it’s just I feel like writing, again.

I am inspired by the place that I just want to share it to the world by writing. Plus, it’s my first time to write about other country aside my home country.

First and foremost I have been telling my friends that I’ll go to Indonesia for New Year but honestly I haven’t bought a ticket during that time. Funny, eh? It’s just Indonesia has been close to my heart eversince I met those lovely Indonesians whom I now call friends from Bali last year (Jia and Ika – whom I met in Ph before my flight). It was too spontaneous of me or just my another crazy, stupid, insane decision making in life (considering the airfare, but thank God for free tix).

Honestly, 2019 was a crazy tough year for me – literally. So many highs and lows from work to love to life. It was a year full of beautiful mistakes. A year full of lessons. I certainly will remember and cherish the memories it gave and left for me as my reminders.

I was travelling solo, from my home country (Philippines) until I arrived in Batukaras to meet my friend, Joyces (we’re supposed to be 3 but one backed out last minute). Four (4) hours of plane ride from my home country to Jakarta, Indonesia then a sky train transferred to another train to the city and walked for hours due to “Car Free Day” and another 8 hours train ride to Banjar station, then another 2 hours bus ride going to Cijulang where I will finally meet Joyces. From there, her host parents were kind enough to drive us to Batukaras but we explored a bit of Pangandaran and attended a wedding before we finally arrived to our destination – Batukaras.

Joyces’ host (Kathrin) parents: we call them Bapa and Ibo

Now, fast forward… I ended up visiting Wonderful Indonesia, this time I went to a beautiful place called BATUKARAS –  a small fishing village just West of Central Java and a great surfing destination. It has a rare charm and friendly vibe. Turquoise water. Beach bordered by palm trees. Waves. Unlimited waves. Perfect vibe and beyond definition. It’s very laidback and friendly in equal parts (from my IG: wandercez).

0d7c48dc-f41c-407b-b17c-2707af58e620.jpgGuess, you know now why I wanted to share it to you and to the world. The place is like a version of Siargao in my home country but lesser crowd. It’s more of a place wherein you can relax and meditate about life and other things. Definitely, NO PARTY. To you, it may seem dry, plain, boring place but to me, it gave wonders. It – it helps me heal.

More than a week of staying in the place and it’s turning me into a vegetarian, NOT. Been eating healthy food from time to time plus the ice creams, shakes… #sorrynotsorry

No television, just pure nature, the sound of the waves specially during the night, ughhh!! it’s too good in the ears.

Spent my remaining days of 2019 and welcoming my 2020 there with a normal dinner out with Joyces, then went to the shore during midnight for fireworks and head back to our accommodation (Gubuk Cinta). Basically, plain and simple, nothing special but it was good, better even. Wouldn’t change it.

Yes!! That’s correct, so don’t forget to bring earphones/headset with you. It’s crazy at first but I was able to properly sleep after days of staying (respect other culture).


  1. No itinerary for this trip. It was very spontaneous. Spot on. Out of the blue (but you can always ask me if you have questions, I’d be glad to answer and I tell you it’s NOT expensive).
  2. Where to eat? Tried most of the food stores/ restaurants there but here are my top 5 go-to:
  • Al Fresko
  • Kalaras Cottage
  • Kedai Mini Resto Rice Field
  • L-Pari Cafe
  • Salt Cafe

3. Where to stay? My top 5:

4. What to do there?

  • Basically, you go out and meet NEW friends, then go surfing and meet NEW friends, again. SURF – SURF – SURF – UNLI-SURFING, eat, coffee drinking, and meditate about life.

**board rental is Php300, if with guide it’s Php1,200 and that’s for whole day (standard price)**

5.  If you’re lucky enough like us, we got to meet our super host, Da-vid and his lovely wife who baked us PIZZA. Yes, the famous Kebun Pizza!! We were lucky enough to have a taste of it. Oops! Not taste, we were those lucky ones who had tried the famous and by far, the BEST PIZZA in town (no bias).

Ooopsie! It’s the only picture I have as we finished the other pizzas immediately

Moving forward, I regret nothing with my decisions in life so far – proud of myself. Life is what you make it. Now let’s go and make the best out of it to be able to live and say that LIFE IS GREAT.

See you whenever and wherever. Safe travels, always!♥


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