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img_4206First week of December wasn’t that good for me, personal matter which I’d rather not disclose.

112a9fa4-d8c1-4b53-8690-582c932394c0Two weeks ago a friend of mine invited me to La Union just for the weekend to relax and cool my mind off from the recent life happenings. I was hesitant at first but I went anyway.

We didn’t have a plan as expected of us. No accommodation knowing it’s the weekend and people will be flocking but we didn’t care. Que sera sera it is!


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Arrived in the wee hours of the morning having 7eleven as the only store open. Stayed for a bit and walked to the beach until morning came.

We met a surfer instructor named, Alex and chatted.

It was almost 10 in the morning when we descended back our way to finding a place to stay. We checked Circle Hostel but it was full,  then next Barkadahan, still it was full… we’ve been searching the internet gladly we found Balay ni Elizabeth. At first we were indecisive about it but then when Kuya Ellong brought us to the other location we gladly accept it plus the price offer was good.


I tell you the place is too relaxing that we slept until afternoon. HAH! Or perhaps, I had no sleep (literally) the previous days that my body gave in plus the kid on the bus kept on pulling my hair.

5c011b62-7917-47cc-a583-326b75c332a1-1By afternoon we went to the beach for a swim, by evening we had our pregaming at Beach Bum Food Park — met Racine, a couchsurfer and head to Flotsam and Jetsam to meet other couchsurfers and we danced the night away.


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Ended the night with new found friends and making plans for the next day which of course didn’t happen as we were sleeping our butts off until afternoon, again. HAHAHA

587a9964-a02e-4be8-842d-5696c9740905We were trying to reserved ourselves a ticket for the evening bus ride however it was fullybooked already when we went to Sebay so what we did, we went to the bus terminal and reserved ourselves a ticket then went side tripping at Ma Cho Temple. I’ve been to La Union but it was my 1st time visiting the temple. I was a bit shy at first as I was wearing a swim wear but gladly the temple isn’t that strict enough when it comes to dress code but I tell you wear something decent.


Went back to San Juan and chilled at a coffee shop. Our last day consists of sleeping, eating and meeting the friends we’ve met last night before we parted ways to face reality again.



Day 1

00:00 - depart for San Juan via Partas bus (PhP 552/way)
04:30 - arrived San Juan, La Union
-- stayed at 7eleven
-- chill at the beach
***no sunrise at the beach
-- surf (PhP400 with instructor for an hour)
08:30 - breakfast
10:00 - you can always go back to surfing or go to Ma Cho temple, only a jeep away (15-20 minutes from San Juan)
12:00 - lunch
13:00 - you can do early check in -- Balay Elizabeth (PhP500/night fan room)
-- we checked in around 10:00 and checked out very late around 21:00 the next day without additional charges unlike other hostels
14:00 - chill at the beach
-- surf or swim or walk along the shore
18:00 - dinner
20:00 pregame
21:00 - chill at Flotsam and Jetsam

Day 2

02:00 - Party ended at Flotsam
03:00 - back at accommodation and sleep
08:00 - up and ready
09:00 - you can always visit Tangadan Falls you can check my previous blog tho the price isn't that updated enough When in La Union
13:00 - check out
14:00 - chill at coffee shop/s (there's too many to choose)
--- wait until it's time for you to hop on that bus going back to the Metro.

****for the expenses, I didn’t include the food and beverages as it really depends on your consumption on how heavy and picky of an eater and how hard of a drinker are you. Budget is around PhP2,500 – PhP3,000 for an overnight or can be lesser than that. 🙂

Thank you for visiting, see you wherever and whenever. Safe travels to us! ^_^



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