Si Boracay


October 26th — Boracay Island was re-open to public. Although I wasn’t there on it’s 1st day but I had the chance to see the Boracay Island after its rehabilitation.

It was a spontaneous trip. A very quick one indeed. No plans and itinerary like I’ve done with my other travels but this time with a friend whom I’ll be travelling for the 1st time (Joyces). I’m supposed to be back home during my travel dates for my Mom’s birthday (don’t worry I dropped by at home) but then spontaneity kicks in me thus the reason why I spent my Todos los Santos (undas) at the island.


Our 4 days 3 nights trip became 3 days 3 nights as we arrived late as we were coming from Kalibo Airport. At the terminal going to the island I observed that there’s an entrance for locals, for 1-day passers and for tourists in general. We got in the tourists entrance and went directly to the window where we paid all the fees (environmental fee, ferry ticket). We were about to get in but got stopped as we have to register 1st near the entrance (wherein we wrote our names, the name of the place where we’re staying plus the number of days of stay). It’s not organized. They should have put signage or directions as to what will be the 1st step to do in that way it’ll be easier especially for foreigners.

20181103_170201Finally we’re ready to board the ferry, while in transit you won’t see the bright lights shining like how it used to before. The island’s so dark from afar — just minimal lights like any other isolated islands. 

20181103_124249After 45 minutes ride we were at the island. We rode an e-jeepney going to our hostel, Frendz Resort & Hostel Boracay.  On our way, I observed that there’s a road closure from time-to-time either left or right side. I understand that road widening will happen but not in a way almost 80% of it will be removed as it’s too dusty, traffic plus flood due to rain.

Anyhow, we then arrived at our hostel. We were just chilling on our 1st night, turned on our CS App for possible people to hangout with but CS isn’t that active there at the moment so we ended up meeting one cser, Geli, we talked for a few minutes and departed right away as we were too tired to go on a party.


Next day, we were able to checked out the island. There’s too many demolished buildings maybe because those buildings doesn’t have permits yet to operate or that it’s blocking the right of way more so, there are on-going construction as well. 

Restaurant prices went up. Too many Korean/ Chinese nationals as well as Korean stores and restaurants — one point I even think I am not in my country. 


The beach is clear, you’ll see the difference if you visited the island before though there’s a part that there are still green moss near the grotto. The white sand has been stretched like Nacpan beach in El Nido, Palawan. There are designated areas for smokers and yes, no eating within the shore (y’know where to properly eat). There’s not much trash bins around. For party people, don’t worry the island still have parties, pubcrawls even but unlike before the parties are just inside the pubs and bars or inside the hostels area (checked out Mad Monkeys, it usually organizes party). There are police everywhere which is a good thing (for me) so less crimes.


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Nevertheless, all in all I like the new Boracay (Tita/ Adulting haha). I know it’s not yet ready for the public but I like it just how it is. I enjoyed my stay there — soaking in the beach all day (sunkissed? Nah, sunburnt), chill, catching up with a friend and partied all night plus I met another new friend (Jeric).

Sure, it is not the Boracay Boracay party people went to but it will always be Boracay. Boracay wherein it was loved by its first visitors.

For my ITINERARY and EXPENSES? I didn’t have as I was plainly enjoying my stay there. Also, there was no water activities yet during my visit.


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