Si Siargao

Two weeks ago, my wandering self was lost in the number one best islands in the world according to CNT.

At first I was so excited since it’ll be my first time visiting the island plus I got my ticket for free, and the good stuff I  heard about it. Then, 3 days before my flight, CebPac moved my flight to a later date without any reason at all. I automatically called up its hotline and asked if it’s possible to move my flight and moved it to the same dates I booked. Thankfully I was able to score a seat for the dates I chose.

The dates of my travel, my sister was home as well after 7 years of living outside the country. I was hesitant to push through with it as she only have few days before she goes back but then I did it anyway.

I mean it’s just for the weekend, why not right?

img_3726So, I arrived at the island on a Saturday with happy thoughts. No plans, no itinerary at all. Turned on my CS App and met friends (RD, Jerry and Raya) which I am very thankful during my weekend stay.

Did the usual activities — surfing and partying

But then, Sunday arrived and rains unstoppable. Still, my thoughts were positive. Enjoyed the island briefly though I wasn’t able to do the island hopping due to the rain.  Had my last dinner with my new found friends on Sunday as they will be working the next day.

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Monday came, the weather was okay. I was able do surfing and ate my heart out until the shuttle will pick me up and brought me to the airport. Quite sad as my visit was very short.

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On our way to the airport, heavy rain started again. Flights were being cancelled due to the bad weather. I kept on checking my flight status as there was no update regarding about it. I was hopeful that I’d be able to go home and on the very last minute it got cancelled, y’know that weekend getaway extended to days because of the typhoon.

I called my sister immediately telling her the (bad) news. I was sad, depressed in a way because of the very reason I wasn’t able to send off my sister and my niece on their last day in the country and I don’t know when they’ll be back again. I cried. Plus I didn’t have enough money left with me as it’s just a weekend getaway in the first place.

Thoughts came rushing and was thinking then that maybe, just maybe the island isn’t for me to visit yet. You see, I received all the hints: the person who’s responsible for my accommodation didn’t contact me anymore, my sister arrived, my flight got cancelled, etc. yet the best part, I met another set of individuals who were stranded as well (shoutouts to: Aica, Gelo, Queen and Ate Pearl — you guys did an amazing job).

But oh well, life is full of unexpected things and all you have to do is accept it. Siargao, thank you though I didn’t enjoy it that much yet it gave me a reason to visit you again. See you, soon. Safe travels every Juan!

WHAT TO DO FOR A VERY SHORT 3D/2N? Below is my itinerary:

Day 1
13:00 - Arrived Siargao Airport
14:00 - Arrived General Luna
4:30 - Dine at Kermit
15:30 - checked in at Sinag Hostel (no website yet but you can always search)
16:00 - Surfing at Cloud 9
17:00 - Sunset watching at the bridge (construction site area)
18:00 - Dinner at Mama's Grill
20:00 - Chill & Party (Harana -- RumBar)

Day 2
05:00 - Woke up for sunrise at Cloud 9 (too cloudy, no sun so went to hostel again)
06:30 - woke up again and prepare
07:30 - Chill at Cloud 9
08:00 - Surfing
09:00 - Roam around Gen. Luna
10:30 - back to Cloud 9, chill, eat
11:00 - Roadtrip to Magpupungko Tidal Wave
12:15 - Arrived at Magpupungko Tidal Wave (closed: high tide, decided to swam around)
14:30 - Tayangban Cave Pool
15:30 - Siargao Wake Park
17:00 - Back at GL, chill at Cafe Loka
19:00 - Dinner at Mama's Grill
21:00 - Back to Accommodation
22:00 - Party (Barrel -- Bravo)

Day 3
05:00 - Woke up for another sunrise attempt but too cloudy again so went back to sleep
07:00 - Woke up again and prepare
07:30 - Walked to Cloud 9
07:45 - Arrived at Cloud 9, surfing
09:00 - Food hopping at Cloud 9
11:00 - Back to accommodation, waiting
12:30 - Arrived at the airport; depart.


1st day
300 - Van to GL
350 - Kermit pizza
50 - motorcycle ride from Kermit to Sinag
1,000 - Accommodation for 2 nights c/o Sinag Hostel
20 - tric to Cloud 9
500 - board plus instructor
200 - dinner at Mama's Grill
120 - drinks at RumBar

2nd day
100 - breakfast at carenderia
250 - La Loka
200 - board only
350 - motor rental
60 - 1L gas
100 - Cave fee
1,100 - Wake-boarding fee
150 - dinner at Mama's Grill
30 - Tric to Accommodation from Mama's Grill
150 - drinks at Bravo

3rd day
500 - Board and instructor
500 - Kawayan Restaurant
150 - Offshore Cafe
200 - Shaka
500 - t-shirt
20 - tric to accom
300 - van to airport

I didn’t include my excess days as well as my expenses as it was not part of the original travel dates. Sure I can input other activities plus the expenses made but given the original travel dates and time I had plus the weather, this is all I was able to input.

Additional information:

  1. Siargao is an island located 800 kms southeast of Manila in the province of Surigao del Norte. It is a 2 hours plane drive from Manila.
  2. The only means of transport from the airport to General Luna is a van however if you know someone that will pick you up from there then it’ll save you lots considering it’s just 45 mins away.
  3. Bring cash, EXTRA cash as there’s only 2 atms there and the one located near GL may or may not accept mastercards.
  4. If you know how to ride a motorcycle then lucky you, you will def save a lot. Yes it is an isolated island but the cost of living is REALLY expensive (imagine minimum fare is PhP20 for a very short tricycle ride).
  5. It’s good to visit there during -ber months if you’re into surfing but do check the weather first before flying.
  6. If you want to have a proper picture while surfing, you have to hire a photographer for PhP300 (I know lol)
  7. Girls don’t worry about flaunting your body, they don’t care if you’re curvy or not long as you’re confident enough to wear your bikinis then it’s all fine. No one will judge you there.
  8. Accommodation starts from 350 depends on how long you’re going to stay in the island.
  9. GLOBE network signal is quite low in some areas especially in Gen. Luna, though there are other parts that SMART are low but not that much unlike GLOBE.
  10. The only island wherein locals and tourists interact with each other especially in a bar.

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