HomeAway: Lily Vacation Farm House

If you OPEN it, CLOSE it.

If you TURN it ON, TURN it OFF.

If you USE it, TAKE CARE of it.

If you MAKE a MESS, CLEAN it up.

If you MOVE it, PUT it BACK.

If you BREAK it, ADMIT it. 

If you DON’T KNOW how to operate it, ASK someone who does.

IMG_20180619_163611_697Few years back I came to Manila for work opportunity but now I realized I had found a new place to call home; a place with so much growing and adventure ahead of me.

Fast forward to now, I had a mini-adventure to Rizal recently though it was too short yet I had the best time… indeed one for the books.



I’ve been to Rizal a few times and haven’t heard of the town Jala-Jala (4th and last town of Rizal located 75 kms southeast of Manila). Alright I know what you’re thinking why I went there all of a sudden on a Sunday, let’s just say that I’m one of the few that was invited to visit a place there. I am grateful for the opportunity given (thanks to Ms. Sharon) as well as glad I pushed through despite the weather and the distance. Hah! Easy peasy LOL!

Do you know that in a quaint town of Jala-Jala, Rizal lies the Lily Vacation Farm House? Yes! It is a perfect vacation rental place for a stay getaway with family and friends as the house can accommodate as much as 25 persons. Upon booking their three-bedroom farm house not only you’ll witness the overlooking Mt. Banahaw and Laguna de Bay but you can also camp out in style (glamping) if you’re into it or if you haven’t tried camping, and boy the view is amazing especially during night time when the stars shines in darkness plus a bonfire to keep you warm while watching your favorite movie and munching to s’mores.



I almost forgot, you and the rest will have an exclusive full access to all of the farm house’s  facilities such as the hydro color pool; the half basketball court wherein you can play basketball of course, frisbee and volleyball; the alfresco dining area and the under the tree dining area; use of kitchen facilities/ utensils and appliances; did I mention that there’s no corkage fee? Right, there’s none might as well bring food and drinks from outside as much as your appetite is concern specially for someone who is a huge eater like me but can’t cook though their staff can help you prepare your meals but with a minimal fee.

I tell you when you book yourself, your family/ friends to this vacation rental place you’ll be reminiscing your childhood years, looking back to the good ol’ days wherein you see yourself running around the farm flying your kite or enjoying an atv ride/ horseback riding or simply laugh yourselves while feeding the animals and thinking where did the time go?





Lily Vacation Farm House is located at 177 Brgy. Pagkalinawan, Jala-Jala Rizal






    • if you have a waze app installed then just click this directly or if not, before going out connect to the internet and go to google maps, search the complete address shown above, pin it and download it offline so it’ll work on your way in case there’ll be no internet signal along the way.
    • from Starmall Edsa Shaw
      Ride Tanay (FX) or a jeepney going to Tanay. Terminal is near MRT Shaw/in front of Starmall EDSA
    • from EDSA Central Crossing
      Ride Tanay (FX) or a jeepney going to Tanay, the terminal is near Unilever/Mandaluyong Police Station
    • from Cubao
      Ride the jeepney going to Taytay and ask the driver to drop you off at Junction (make sure to tell the driver that you’re heading to JalaJala); from Junction cross the street where the Tanay jeepneys pass by and take one
    • if taking a train
      Take the LRT 2 going to Santolan (Marikina — last stop) and ride Tanay (FX), the terminal is near LRT Santolan Station.

Once you reach Tanay PUV Terminal, ride a jeepney with a signage “Bongbong/JalaJala” and ask the driver to drop you off at Lily. The farm house is situated along the road on your right side.

Here’s a one-way transportation breakdown and how we reached LVFH from Cubao:

  • From Gateway Cubao, we walked going to the PUV terminal (if you don’t know where you can always approach a security guard, it’s not bad to ask help)
  • soon as we arrived at the terminal we asked again how we can reach JalaJala
  • the drivers told us to take the jeepney going to Taytay and drop off at the junction, fare is PhP20/pax
  • From Junction, we cross the street going to 7eleven and took another jeepney going to Tanay terminal for PhP45/pax
  • After almost an hour, arrived at Tanay PUV Terminal approached the drivers. We tried to take the tricycle however considering the time and the distance I don’t think we’ll make there fast so rode a jeepney going to Pagkalinawon with a signage “Bongbong/Jalajala for PhP50/pax
  • We instructed the driver to stop us at Lily. Woooh! After more than an hour riding the jeepney we safely arrived at our destination.

To know more about Lily Vacation Farm House  kindly check here for more details.

Too much reading already? Anyway, here’s a few reminders for you:

  • Strive to be more “present” by using all of your senses and cognitive awareness to fully experience your days and nights ‘cos not every day will be memorable but at least you’ll be aware of “living” your life.
  • When engaging in events that you believe are memorable in a favorable way, always remind yourself that you’re making memories to recall at later times (turn on your photographic memory).
  • Do what you can to immerse yourself in the “moment”.
  • Pay attention to details: take in the smells, note how you’re feeling, scan your surrounding, appreciate how fortunate/ be grateful you are to be having this experience.
  • When experiencing events that upsets or drains you, quickly switch gears and take control over your emotions and behaviors. E.g., find the good in a boring conversation or putting on your favorite music when stuck in traffic.
  • Take deep breaths (inhale/ exhale).
  • Remind yourself that “there will be an end to this experience”, or when you can, get out of the situation – leave immediately when necessary

There is no denying that time moves on and that we all have a finite number of days for which we can make the most of our lives or not. I recommend to choose positivity at all times. Cultivate mindfulness and strive to live a full and memorable life without having regrets but beware: “time does fly by when you’re having a good time”.

Disclosure: I’m one of the media guest of Lily Vacation Farm House. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. All photos were taken by MJ Iddaro — SOOC.


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