Si Liwliwa

It does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise trouble or hardwork. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.


Where to begin? It’s been months already since I last wrote about my travels. Guess I have to start with…

last weekend I went to Liwliwa or commonly known as Liwa which is located in San Felipe, Zambales. It’s name may not be as popular and may not be as a frequented place but I am sure the quiet, isolated vibes will definitely catch your soul in a heartbeat.


Now, Liwa is making a name on its own as one of the surfing go-to place in the country adding to Siargao, La Union, Baler especially for locals and non locals situated in the Metro as it’s only a 4-5 hours drive.

Finally my spontaneity self kicks in as the place has been on my list for quite long. I went with my roommate, Sarah for an overnight stay and both of us had a FUNtastic weekend indeed despite our scar and bruises — it was totally worth it though we weren’t able to visit the waterfalls nearby as per locals it is not advisable to go there during summer time as there will be no water in the falls. Also, we weren’t able to capture our surfing session as we forgot to bring camera. Sadly.

If you want to just chill and immerse with the beauty of Liwliwa below is my itinerary and budget. 🙂

Day 1
10:00 – ETD Pasay via Victory Liner
15:00 – ETA San Felipe, Zambales (a bit traffic; long weekend)
15:30 – Checked in at Circle Hostel
– Late lunch at Mommy Phoebe’s
16:30 – Swimming time
17:30 – Chill on the beach until sunset and stayed at Tali’s Grill
20:00 – Back at the hostel, wash up
21:00 – Late Dinner at Villa Santos
22:00 – Back at hostel, chill until slept

Day 2
08:00 – Woke up, chill at the hostel
09:00 – Surfing Time
11:45 – Back at hostel
– Shower
– Getting ready/ pack up
12:30 – Checked out
12:45 – Lunch at Villa Santos
13:45 – Shake to-go at Mommy Phoebe’s
14:00 – ETD Liwliwa, San Felipe
14:15 – ETD San Felipe, Zambales
15:20 – ETA Iba, Zambales
15:30 – ETD Iba, Zambales via Victory Liner
22:30 – ETA Ayala, Makati City (TOO TRAFFIC)

Transpo total: PhP 816
PhP 357- Bus from Pasay to San Felipe, Zambales
PhP 30 – tricycle from Bobulan Elementary School to Surf Camp Area
PhP 30 – tricycle from Circle Hostel to San Felipe
PhP 27 – jeepney from San Felipe to Iba Zambales
PhP 15 – tricycle going to Victory Liner as the driver forgot to drop us off
PhP 357 – Bus from Iba, Zambales to Ayala, Makati

PhP 450 – Hammock at Circle Hostel

Food & others: PhP 1,130 (forgot the rest, sorry)
PhP 20 – Environmental Fee
PhP 50 – Locker (cos I lost the key haha)
PhP500 – Surfing board plus instructor
PhP 30 – Hotdog at Victory Liner Terminal
PhP 40 – Water at Victory Liner Terminal
PhP145 – Liemposilog w/ small melon shake at Mommy Phoebe’s
PhP 60 – San Mig Apple beer at the store beside Mommy Phoebe’s w/ deposit
PhP 60 – San Mig Light beer at Tali’s Grill
PhP110 – Sinigang w/ rice at Villa Santos
PhP 25 – Water at Villa Santos
(return the empty bottle and PhP 10 will be reimbursed)
PhP102 – Liempo w/ rice & Royal drink at Villa Santos
PhP 90 – Choco Banana Shake at Mommy Phoebe’s

Safe Budget for a solo traveler is PhP2,500 – PhP3,000 ($50-60) depends on how huge eater are you. ^_^

Additional information:

1. If you’re commuting going to Liwliwa, tell the bus conductor to drop you off at Bobulan Elementary School, don’t worry there are tricycles waiting for you just tell them to bring you to Surf Camp Area.
2. If you’re visiting the place during summer time I advise you to not visit the nearby waterfalls, again there’s no water so what’s a waterfall if there’s no water after all?
3. Accommodation starts from PhP400 and food meals from PhP80
4. There are many hostels/ beach resorts scattered on the surf camp area, pick wisely.
5. Pitching of tent on the beach is allowed ONLY for relaxing not for staying overnight.
6. You won’t be seeing trash cans/bins everywhere, PLEASE practice LNT (Leave No Trace) AT ALL TIMES and if you are really a concern citizen at least pick up trash/es you’ll pass along your way. ^_^
7. Bring insect/mosquito repellent with you as well as sunscreen lotions for your skin (though I don’t apply sunscreen lotion).
8. Literally #DisconnectToConnect as there’s no signal in the area, make sure you advise your loved ones as to where you are going.
9. If you’re traveling with your friends, kindly respect other travelers in the hostel or even every where as not every one who travels have companion/s with them.
10. Traveling during holiday/s can be stressful specially when you’re commuting but just keep your cool you’ll get there anyway, just be patient and bring something to munch on while on the road or a good set of playlist for you to listen.

See you wanderers on my next adventure! 😉



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