Si Batulao

When life gives me lemons, I’d squeeze it to make lemonade too bad it’s not how it happened. LOL

Few weekends ago, a friend of mine (Aetrix) invited me to visit the mountain: night trekking and camping.

I knew the weather wasn’t good because of typhoon Jolina (Pakhar) but I disregarded it and accompanied him.

At first I was indecisive as heavy rain occurred still I push with it.

Our supposed 13:00 meet up was moved to 17:00 HAHA the line’s pretty long but we’re able to ride the second bus.

Traffic in Cavite delayed our time longer, we arrived around 20:00++, luckily there were open stores so we’re able to buy few things.

Around 21:00 we ascended Mt. Batulao.

It’s too muddy.

The trails bit hard for me as I’m really not a mountain person.

 Kept on asking my friend how many minutes left, how far are we already from the camp site, in short I was complaining already. HAHAHA **sorry not sorry**

Weren’t able to take pictures going to the camp site as I was afraid I may damage my camera.

There are two trails going to the summit: the old trail and the new trail. We chose the latter but ended up camping at the old trail, meaning we were able to get past the new trail and the summit.

It was challenging for me, trekking those muddy trails with a heavy bag on my back and no proper trekking attire and footwear although I wore comfortable clothes with me.

Arrived at the camp site around 23:00 and immediately checked my cellular phone if it has signal and yes there was. Yuhoo, then I helped my friend set the tent up.

At the bus I told him I won’t sleep too bad after what I’d been through a good night sleep’s what I needed. Ha! We ate first then sleep.

The next day I woke up too early before my usual and appreciate nature as much as I can. The weather’s pretty good. Few hours and Trix woke up and prepared our breakfast. 😀

We ate and relax for a bit then pack and clean up.

Around 09:30 we started to ascend going to the summit. It was too hot that my body almost gave up. **exaggerating I know**

DSCF0009Took more stops than ever T_T and met new friends (Michelle, Glaiza and Kuya Ariel) on the trail (the best part).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Arrived at the summit, ate ice drops while waiting for our turns to take pictures as there were many hikers as well. Took a few pictures and we started to descend together.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We stop from time to time to take pictures and simply to rest.

Stopped longer at Mang Resty’s house and met Ermir, another friend of mine which I didn’t know he was there as well. We chatted and we descended again.

DSCF0085Arrived at the first registration area and had some cold snacks: halo-halo!!

After a few minutes we finish our walk and arrived at the jump off area, took a tricycle going to the highway and went for a fast bath at one of the stores there to freshen ourselves up.

After taking a bath, we rode a bus going to Tagaytay as we decided to stop by at Mahogany market to reward ourselves a hot Bulalo (Beef Marrow Stew) meal.

(all pictures taken using Fujifilm XA2 and GoPro Hero4 SE)



Buendia to Nasugbu via DLTB Co. = PhP110

Tricycle from the main road to the jump off = PhP100/2 = PhP50

Tricycle from the jump off to the main road = PhP30/pax

Bus going to Mahogany Market = PhP25/pax

Bus from Tagaytay to Mayapis = PhP90/pax


1st = PhP20/pax

2nd = PhP30/pax

3rd = PhP30/pax


1L mineral water = PhP35

1 tuna in can = PhP25

2 bread = PhP12

1 ice drop = PhP10 c/o Aetrix

Halohalo = PhP30

Bath fee = PhP25

@ Mahogany Market our total was PhP590 – PhP90 softdrinks c/o Michelle = PhP500/5 = PhP100/pax

  • 1 order of Bulalo (Beef Marrow stew)
  • 7 plain rice
  • 1 1.5L Coke


  1. As a first timer, make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into. This is not to discourage you but to ready you ahead.
  2. Know what to bring and what not to bring.
  3. Trekking at night especially after the rain is a bit dangerous and challenging at the same time but make sure you have someone with you who know’s the trail if not get yourself a guide.
  4. Wear a nonslip/ slip resistant shoes/ lightweight grip running shoes to support your feet while walking, hiking, climbing uneven terrain: bedrock is wet, gravel is loose or the path is muddy.
  5. Wear your comfiest clothes but I advise you wear dri-fit tops to help keep you dry and more comfortable.
  6. Bring light snacks with you that you can munch while trekking e.g. jellyace, chocolates, nuts, energy bars, dried fruits
  7. Never forget to bring water, 2 liters is enough but you can bring more if you want.
  8. There are no toilets in the mountain, make use of what is at home before leaving and bring wet wipes and tissue rolls as well.
  9. Don’t forget to bring your camera, extra batteries, power banks and a dry bag for your gadgets.
  10. Leave no trace. Bring trash bags with you for your wastes and other wastes you’ll be collecting along the way.


Just walk. Stop if you can’t. Rest but continue walking after. Complain but complain less. Breathe. Breathe harder. Leave. Leave every baggage you have including those you think you need to leave behind. Cherish. Cherish all the new things and learning you gain. Enjoy. Admire and appreciate every little thing you see as not every one is given a chance to do and see what you’ve done. Be thankful. Smile and greet everyone you meet along the way. Safe travels always. 🙂

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