Si Jomalig

Guess my spontaneity is slightly out of control this month.

2017_0318_11510400-01Now you see… these past weekends I’ve been running away, escaping the city crowds.Summer is finally here! I can feel the heat, the sand, the smell of the sea , I can hear the calling of the waves, too! ^_^

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The place’s been on my list for too long, sadly I didn’t have enough time to visit. Then few days passed, I found myself asking people about the place – how to go there, how far the place is, what to do, the  possible budget. Funny it’s my first time to ask for an itinerary. HAHAHA

Given that it has the longest stretch of pure soft golden sand in Philippines, it is no surprise that this place can cater for all tastes, from families to solo travelers.

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149 kilometers away from the Capital and less than 10,000 people live on the island of Jomalig, it’s likely not one of them will be strolling the same day as you are. Four (4) hours land transfer plus six (6) hours of boat ride, here it’s not definitely about the parties. Bliss is found amid the rolling golden sand dunes, high winds and roiling waters.

That’s what makes Jomalig a peaceful haven especially for solo travelers like me. ♥

P.S all photos were captured using Fujifilm X-A2, no edits and filters used. ♥☻

For more info about my travel, please see below’s tinerary and expenses:

Day 0

2230 – Depart from Legarda via Raymond Bus (non aircon)

Day 1

0230 – Arrived in Real’s public market
0530 – Depart from Real port
1130 – Arrived in Jomalig Island
1140 – Registration
1145 – Motorcyle going to accommodation, stopped by at Jomalig sign
1200 – Checked in at Banana’s resort

  • contact person: Kuya Darwin: +63910-052-7501 / +63928-750-6148

1215 – Start of Island tour

  • Fish Sanctuary
  • Sadong River
  • Islets of Canaway
  • Lingayen Cove
  • Little Boracay, Brgy. Apad
  • Pawikan Rock Formation

1630 – Back to accommodation
1645 – Beach time
1900 – Dinner c/o Banana’s Beach Resort
2030 – Rest. Sleep

Day 2

0600 – Wake up/ wash up
0630 – Stroll around the seashore
0730 – Breakfast (c/o Banana’s Beach Resort)
0800 – Back in Salibungot beach waiting for the boat
0930 – Boarded the boat
1100 – Depart from Jomalig
1600 – Arrived in Real Port
1610 – Depart Real Port
2100 – Arrived in Manila


Bus: Legarda to Real via Raymond bus (non ac) PhP 178
Boat Ride: Real-Jomalig-Real PhP 800
Van: Real to Ortigas PhP 220
Motorcyle: Jomalig port to Banana Beach PhP 50
Dinner and Breakfast c/o Banana’s Resort PhP 400
Banana’s Beach Resort (accommodation is good for 2, so you can split the 500 if you’re with someone) PhP 500


Island Land tour:
Kuya Raymond Sarmiento (no contact #) PhP 600
Registration Fee (upon arrival) PhP 170
Entrance Fee to Lingayen Cove PhP 50
Entrance fee to Little Boracay PhP 10

Additional Information:

  1. Jomalig is known for its 6 hours boat ride, make sure you arrived early on the port for you to board the boat 1st and be able to settle on the second floor to not feel the huge waves plus you can lay down and sleep.
  2. There’s a free lunch on the boat included in the fare but if you’re choosy enough, you can bring your own food.
  3. It’s better to be in your swimming outfit in case of huge waves getting in to the boat. On a serious note I don’t mean wearing of bikinis and swimming trunks but hey who am I to stop you.
  4. If you’re alone don’t forget to bring your tent or hammock that you can sleep with so you can pitch tent at Banana’s Beach Resort for free, you’ll just pay the entrance fee of PhP 150/each. Also, I think it’s the only resort that doesn’t let you pay for pitching of tent. They also have cottages for you to rent at PhP 50.
  5. There is electricity during evening so don’t fret about it but just to be sure bring head lamps and flashlights with you.
  6. If you know how to cook guess you can bring camping utensils with you and ingredients to lessen the expenses, also don’t forget to bring trash bags for you to throw your waste.
  7. Going to the island with a group can help you lessen your expenses especially when it comes to food, accommodation or if you’re going to consider island hopping then might as well tag along your friends or time for you to be friendly and join a group.
  8. Island tour rate is PhP 600 per person, it’s a standard rate. So if you’re two or in a group that will do island tour then you’re going to prepare still PhP 600/each as they won’t allow 2 individuals riding in one motorcycle. Why? The places aren’t near from each other so in case one breaks down, then there’s a spare for the other person to ride on.
  9. If you know how to operate a motorcycle I guess you can rent one, I just don’t know how much. Also, I won’t recommend you touring the island alone as it’s quite complicated. There are no road signs or any signs that will tell you where the road will lead you, however if you’re in for an adventure then you can surprise yourself. Don’t forget to bring your driver’s license.
  10. Jomalig doesn’t have a public transportation yet. Motorcycle is their only means of transport which is quite pricey basing from my experience, a less than 10 minutes ride cost PhP 50/each per way. But I’m not sure how the motorcycle drivers charged the locals.
  11. I don’t recommend island hopping especially when you’re alone not only it’s expensive but hey you are in an island already, what more can you ask for? But again, who am I to stop you. :p
  12. Don’t forget to bring an insect/mosquito repellent with you as well as sunscreen lotions for your beautiful skin.
  13. Say goodbye to your loved ones before leaving or let them know where you’re heading as network signals on and off also internet connection’s a bit intermittent and there are places that doesn’t have signals at all.
  14. Jomalig has an airstrip, so it’s possible to charter a plane or a helicopter to get there but I’m sure it’s pricey I don’t want to know the rate but if you can afford then why not?
  15. If you’ve been to Batanes and experienced riding a faluwa boat then I’d say congratulations!! The waves in Jomalig are far different from Batanes and not that scary enough. On a side note, don’t forget to pray for a safe travel.

















9 thoughts on “Si Jomalig

  1. What a beautiful place this is. This island certainly looks like it would definitely be worth the 6 hour boat ride and the prices look very reasonable. Thank you for also including your itinerary and your photos are really lovely. I hope to visit there one day.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jomalig sounds a perfect Island to escape to for a few days. Having no telephone signal or internet connection would make it even more relaxing for me, it’s nice to have a few days break totally uninterrupted sometimes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh please! I need to be there like right now! I could not get enough of looking at your photos! Such a wonderful place to relax and unwind. The beaches look so pristine. I wish I could just teleport myself to Jomalig Island!

    Liked by 1 person

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