Si Baguio

Do you ever feel like being caught up with work that you forgot to go out and relax? Or should I say I’m just addicted to travelling that I wanted to go out every weekend as much as my money is concern. 😂😂

Last February I went to Baguio just to relax. 😅🙈🙊 and February in Baguio means Penagbenga Festival (Flower festival) and obviously traffic. ✌😉

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Although I’ve been to Baguio several times but Baguio is Baguio. The weather, the surroundings and the crowds different. However, I’ve never been to Baguio during Penagbenga month, it’s my first time yet I didn’t go there for the festival. HAHA since it was not planned, I had to go to Cubao Station and wait however as expected all  buses were booked. Barkers outside the bus station were shouting “Baguio Sir!”, “Baguio Ma’am!”I know it’s a colorum vehicle but had to grab and ride it or I won’t be able to go to Baguio. 😈😈 There, took a colorum vehicle bound for Baguio.

As mentioned it’s not my first time to visit the place so I skipped the other beautiful landmarks, and to escape the huge crowd.

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I just roamed around session road, stop from time to time for picture taking and bought some finger foods along the way. Literally, relaxing away from the city. 😉

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Below is my itinerary and expenses for one person:


0130 – Depart from Cubao via van
0900 – Arrived Baguio City
0930 – Walked around Session Road and Burnham Park
1130 – Arrived at Victory Liner Bus Station for purchasing of return ticket
1300 – Head out Victory Liner Bus Station
1315 – Lunch
1400 – Walked back to Session Road
1430 – Arrived at Tam-awan Village
1500 – Back to town
1530 – Commute to Tuba, Benguet (Sitio La Presa and Cafe in the Sky)
1645 – Arrived at Tuba, Benguet
1830 – Depart from Tuba to Tam-awan Village
2000 – Arrived in Accommodation. Rest.

Day 2

0700 – Wake up/ Get ready
0800 – Explore Tam-awan Village
0930 – Depart for BenCab Museum
1000 – Arrived at BenCab Museum
1100 – Depart for town
1130 – Arrived Baguio Town
– walked around and stop at public market
1245 – Arrived at bus station
1315 – Depart for Manila
2200 – Arrived Manila


Van (Cubao to Baguio) PhP 500
Cab (Town to Tam-awan Village) PhP 75
Cab (Tam-awan Village to Town) PhP 80
Public Jeepney to Café in the Sky PhP 27
Hired Cab (Café in the Sky to town) PhP 50
Cab (Town to Tam-awan Village) PhP 100
Cab (Tam-awan Village to BenCab Museum) PhP 100
Cab (BenCab Museum to Town plus waiting time) PhP 300
Bus (Baguio to Cubao) PhP 445
Total PhP 1,677
Tam-awan Village PhP 500
BenCab Museum Entrance Fee PhP 120
Souvenirs PhP 300

When it comes to food expense, it really depends on how huge eater are you as a person. 😆


  1. If you’d like to visit Baguio during Penagbenga Festival I suggest you don’t but go there after the Festival since the locals are going to celebrate a whole week partying and drinking. Whole session road will be closed after the last day for the celebration, that’s the time you’d be able to interact with locals.
  2. Clothing attire – if you’re not into cold temperaure bring jackets/sweatshirts for you to cover yourself, gloves, beanies amd scarves as well.
  3. If you want to experience to sleep in our Igorot brothers and sisters house, I suggest you stay at Tam-awan Village.
  4. During February and summer time, most of the buses bound for Baguio are booked already so might as well do online booking reservation to secure yourself a seat
  5. During Penagbenga Festival, it is traffic in town don’t forget to bring your comfiest footwear as you’ll be walking around alot.
  6. Sneakers or any comfiest footwear will help you around Baguio as there’ll be alot of walking to do however riding a cab isn’t a bad choice though since it’s pretty cheap there and the cab drivers return the change.
  7. During holidays and weekends, price rates on accommodations changes so you better bring extra money with you.
  8. Cold weather means food trip, make sure you have enough money to satisfy your stomach.

That’s a wrap of my overnight stay in Baguio. Hopefully I help you during your planning. ♥

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