When in Bicol – 2016.12

Vacation’s a necessity not a luxury. 🙂

Remember the long weekend?


What? 😮😲

Yeah… I forgot about that since we had only a minimal number of it though.


During one of the long weekends, I was torn between staying at home or go somewhere… as what I mentioned earlier not so many long weekends this year so you have to make the most of these long weekends especially for a full time corporate slave like me. Oh well my self can’t help it but went out. HAH!

Boarded a bus to Legazpi City on a Saturday evening, a holiday I’m sure buses were full already but I just ignored it and didn’t get a reservation. Risk taker was I?

Although I wasn’t able to ride the DLTB Bus, I still managed to ride one going to Legazpi ‘cos if I hadn’t perhaps I took another bus going somewhere I haven’t been to. ^_^ awaiting for the bus to start and imagining the 16 hours ride although  in reality it wasn’t. 😊

It was almost 2300 when the bus we’re riding starts to move. There were only few passengers it means there were many vacant seats. I transferred to the last row seat that was vacant for me to be able to sleep like a baby for the travel time’s a bit long. 😈😩


Around 0830 the next day I arrived at Legazpi. I didn’t anticipate it since I thought I’ll be arriving around lunchtime but it was a good thing because I have more time to roam around the place, yay!

Our morning was a bit wasted from walking looking for place to stay ‘cos it was a holiday and the places were booked already. T_T not a good timing to do walk-in HAHA then I found one, although it was a bit creepy but it’s either waste more of my time looking or settle with it… and chose the latter.

Got myself a room on the 4th level unlucky me there’s no elevator. -_- settled my things and rode a tricycle to the terminal going to Sorsogon. 😅😄

I was fighting myself over going to Bulusan Lake or ditch it since it’s kind of far and I only have a limited time before evening strikes but in the end Bulusan Lake won. **evil laugh**

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Hired a tricycle going there too bad our driver dropped me at Bulusan proper and left. HUHUHU I was trying to negotiate at the other driver and gladly he took our offer.

He brought me to Bulusan Lake then took some pictures and it was kind of hard since there were too many individuals. What did I expect, it’s a holiday after all.


CAMERAAfter few minutes, left the place and he dropped us off at Barcelona. Again, took some pictures and had snacks while waiting for a public vehicle too bad I waited long enough that wasted few minutes of my time and a truck passed by from there I decided I’d hitchhike! HAHA

From Gubat, rode a tricycle going to Rompeolas and spent a few minutes there too bad the sun didn’t set there. After 10 minutes rode a tricycle to take me to the terminal, happily I was able to ride the last van going back to Legazpi and went to Sibid-Sibid Restaurant for dinner. 😅😃

Arrived at the accommodation and slept the night away.

As morning came, I was so excited to wake up to see the beauty of Mayon Volcano as I wasn’t able to witnessed its beauty on our first day. Hurriedly prepared myself so I wouldn’t miss it. Rode a jeep going to the terminal and took a bus going to Cagsawa Ruins. I was getting irritated as the bus keeps on stopping as I saw clouds approaching the volcano. Oh know!! O_O

Woah finally! I thought I’d only end up seeing the perfect cone on pictures thankfully when I arrived I still have time to take pictures of the wonderful volcano. **smiling from ear to ear**

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After admiring the wonder, walked my way out and decided I’d try the atv adventure too bad clouds were encircling the base of the volcano. 🙀😔 after 30 minutes I walked my way to the road and rode a public jeepney going back to Legazpi.

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Arrived at the accommodation and claimed the free breakfast, after packing my bag and checked out, I head to the bus  terminal and reserved myself a seat going back to Manila before moving to my next destination: Naga City.

Stopped at Pili to try the famous CWC (CamSur Watersports Complex) even for a very short time I enjoyed and can’t wait to do it again and again and again.


Then rode a bus going to the city proper. Since I still have time left, I visited the cathedral and walked my way on the streets going to Bigg’s Diner since the posters were everywhere, wouldn’t miss to try it.

After, I went back to the bus terminal to wait for the bus to arrived that would take me back to the City.


2230 – ETD Legazpi City
0830 – ETA Legazpi City
1100 – Checked in at Casablanca Hotel
1230 – ETD Sorsogon
1400 –  ETA Sorsogon
1500 – ETA Bulusan Lake
1630 – ETA Barcelona
1700 – ETA Gubat
1730 – ETA Rompoelas
1830 – ETA Bus Terminal
1900 – ETD Legazpi
2030 – ETA Legazpi
2100 – Dinner at Sibid-Sibid Restaurant
2200 – Accommodation/ Rest

Day 2

0500 – Wake up/ wash up
0600 – ETD Cagsawa
0700 – ETA Cagsawa
0900 – Tried the Bicol Adventure ATV
0930 – ETD Legazpi
1000 – ETA Accommodation
1100 – Checked out
1130 – ETD Naga City
1300 – ETA Pili
1430 – ETA Naga City
1500 – Dunch at Bigg’s Diner
1630 – ETD Manila
0200 – ETA Manila



Casablanca Hotel = PhP 1,400/overnight stay


Destination Rate Number of pax Total per pax
Bus: Manila to Legazpi via Bobis Liner 1,200 2 600
Tricycle to Embarcador 70 2 35
Tricycle to Casablanca Hotel 40 2 20
Tricycle from accom to van terminal 40 2 20
Van Legazpi to Sorsogon 180 2 90
Jeep Sorsogon to Gubat 58 2 29
Tricycle from Gubat to Bulusan proper (special) 300 2 150
Tricycle Bulusan proper to Bulusan Lake (special) 250 2 125
Tricycle from Gubat to Gubat proper 30 2 15
Jeep from Gubat to Sorsogon 58 2 29
Tricyle from Sorsogon terminal to Rompeolas 40 2 20
Tricycle from Rompeolas to Vna terminal (special) 70 2 35
Van Sorsogon to Legazpi 170 2 85
Tricycle from terminal to Sibid-Sibid Restaurant 40 2 20
Tricycle from Sibid-Sibid Restaurant to accom 20 2 10
Jeep from accom to terminal 14 2 7
Bus from Legazpi to Cagsawa (a/c) 30 2 15
Tricycle to Cagsawa Ruins 20 2 10
Jeep from Cagsawa to accom 14 2 7
Jeep from accom to terminal 14 2 7
Van from Legazpi to Naga 240 2 120
Tricycle to CWC 40 2 20
Motorcycle from CWC going outside 30 2 15
Bus from Pili to Naga (a/c) 30 2 15
Tricycle from terminal to cathedral 32 2 16
Tricycle from Bigg’s Diner to terminal 40 2 20
Bus from Naga to Manila via Philtranco 1,514 2 757
TOTAL            2,292



Activity Rate Number of pax Total per Pax
Kayak at Bulusan Lake 200 2 100
ATV Ride at Cagsawa 598 2 299
Wakeboarding 165 1 165


  1. Going vacations on a holiday or during peak season? Don’t forget to make a reservation ahead of time including accommodation and bus ticket, just like air tickets it’ll cost you much if you won’t and you’ll ran out of seats and place to stay.
  2. ALWAYS ALWAYS read the reviews before booking or reserving a hotel or a place to stay in so it won’t disappoint you.
  3. It doesn’t mean that it’s beautiful outside it’s the same on the inside, AGAIN check everything before settling it if all the amenities are working or if it’s complete.
  4. Research the place or ask someone you know who’s from the said place regarding the fares (bus, jeep, tricycle, motorcycle) to places you’ll be visiting so you’ll have an idea on how much it’ll cost
  5. Don’t miss to try the local foods nearby even if it’ll cost a bit
  6. Mayon Volcano is best visit during early morning before the sun comes out and during afternoon when the sun almost sets, don’t forget to check the weather as well if it’s cloudy or not.
  7. Approach and ask locals regarding the fares going to places as some of the drivers are not honest enough to tell you the exact fares, most of them are tricycle drivers 😦
  8. It’s okay to do walk-ins and take risk however it’s nice to plan sometimes to ease you up upon arriving your destination.

Though I wasn’t able to tour the whole Bicol region, I’m gad I spent my holiday here.  I get to see Mayon Volcano’s beauty as it’s on alert level as well as the Bulusan Volcano. Thank you Bicol, I enjoyed so much until next time then. Now, where to next? 😉

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