When in Basilan – 2016.11

This is my last day in my 1st Mindanao trip. It was supposed to be spent in Zamboanga City only however having a rainy weather destroyed my planned itinerary. 😦

I’m supposed to go to Sta. Cruz Island or much known as “Pink Island” but then the weather got in the way and all tours going there were cancelled. T_T one of my highlights of go-to places too bad luck wasn’t on our side… guess I have to re-visit the place then.

From Zamboanga Airport, Jay  waited for me outside and he talked about his plan to Basilan as he has still few days left to stay in the island. I envied him so much, he was enjoying his Mindanao escapade. As for me, i only had 10 hours left to roam around before I head back to reality.

From airport, I rode a jeepney to Atilano as recommended by Jay and Curlette. Jay told me we can split the payment if he decided to come back after his Basilan trip. Hopefully he gets back. 😀

As I arrived at Atilano, I got the fan room and paid. Stayed for an hour to charged my gadgets as you can remember my travel to Tawi-Tawi there was no electricity during the last day. Took a bath, changed clothes and hurriedly hired a  tricycle going to Paseo del Mar.

I am so excited that upon arriving to Paseo del Mar, it was empty. The police officers advised me that all trips going to Sta. Cruz Island were cancelled because of the bad weather. I was saddened once I heard the news. Oh well, safety’s a top priority.

I didn’t know where I’m going next. Was thinking of going to Merloquet Falls but having a bad weather may also not be good time to go there so Jay popped on my phone screen and asked me how I was. I told him about the news and suddenly it gave me an idea as to where I am going next. 😀

Since  Jay was heading to Basilan, why not join him? Hmm.. asked him few questions and hurriedly speed off to the port and maybe just maybe I can still purchase a ticket same time as his but then again luck wasn’t on my side.

Still, purchased tickets to Isabela, Basilan. The departure time was 1230, looking at the time I still have 2 hours to do other things like buy souvenirs, charged  gadgets, etc.

Bought souvenirs nearby the Municipal Hall then back to accommodation. As I reached Atilano, thought the room’s tidy up but boy I was wrong. Charged the gadgets once I got back. Around 12 noon I headed back to the port for the trip.


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This is it, hello Basilan in a few hours. 😀

Weather wasn’t really good. It took 2 hours plus to get to Isabela port. Wasn’t able to contact Jay as his number was already unreachable and his messenger status was active 3 hours ago. Network signal wasn’t that good too. I was on my own.


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As I arrived, I hurriedly went to the ticketing to purchase a ticket going back to Zamboanga to not miss the flight.


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Rain poured down but it didn’t stop me. 😀


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Asked locals how to get to Malamawi Island and told me to hire a canoe boat w/ engine going there. 5 PhP/pax on a public boat and 10PhP/pax  on special trip. Wow, just WOW. I took the special trip since I had limited time.


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Less than 5 minutes I was already in Malamawi Island. Motorcycle drivers were everywhere offering you their rates as they knew I was a visitor to their place. Chose one individual who offers the right fare going to White Beach. 😀 I forgot to get his name. </3


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20 minutes I arrived at White Beach, hurriedly ran to the reception area paid and speed off to get some photos of the place.

Weather wasn’t good. Tides were high. I hadn’t got a chance to swim due to the limited time. Rode on the motorcycle and off I’m back at the port. Rode a boat and ran inside the RO-RO ship just in time before it closes.

Arrived in Zamboanga City port, headed straight to Paseo del Mar for dinner. Ate at Alavar again, hoping for curacha to be available good thing there’s still one left. Tried Zamboanga’s knickerbocker too, just a little different from Tawi Tawi’s also it has an icecream on top.

Rode a jeep to Atilano, took a bath and took a tricycle back to the airport. My last day in Zamboanga was different from what I’d planned but it was all worth it. Something myself would cherish for the rest of my life. I don’t know when I’ll be back again but for sure I’ll definitely go back to this place even if it takes time. 😀


0840 – ETA Zamboanga City
0850 – check in Atilano Pension House
0950 – Accom to Paseo del Mar
– bought souvenirs
– bought ferry ticket
1030 – back at Atilano’s
1240 – ETD Isabela, Basilan via Aleson Shipping
1400 – ETA Isabela, Basilan
– bought ferry ticket back to Zamboanga City (last trip)
1425 – Isabela port to Malamawi island
1430 – ETA Malamawi Island port
1435 – ETD White Beach via motorcycle
1455 – ETA White Beach
– photo ops
1505 – ETD Malamawi Island port
1520 – ETA Malamawi Island port
1525 – ETA Isabela Port
1530 – ETD Zamboanga City
1700 – ETA Zamboanga City port
1720 – Chill and dinner at Paseo del Mar
1900 – Back to Accom
2000 – Zamboanga Airport



Destination Vehicle type Description  Fare # of persons  Total
Airport to Atilano jeep public  PHP       7.00 2  PHP     14.00
Accom to Paseo tricycle special  PHP   100.00 2  PHP   100.00
Pershing to accom jeep public  PHP       7.00 2  PHP     14.00
Accom to Pershing jeep public  PHP       7.00 2  PHP     14.00
Zamboanga to Isabela, Basilan ship Economy  PHP     60.00 2  PHP   120.00
Basilan to Zamboanga ship Cabin Room  PHP     90.00 2  PHP   180.00
Basilan port to Malamawi Island boat special  PHP     10.00 2  PHP     20.00
Malamawi port to White Beach vv motorcycle special  PHP   100.00 2  PHP   100.00
Pershing to accom jeep public  PHP       7.00 2  PHP     14.00
accom to airport tricycle special  PHP     40.00 2  PHP     40.00


Restaurant’s Name Location Description  Price Qty  Total
Alesson shipping canteen Alesson ship Cup noodles  PHP     30.00 2  PHP     60.00
Alesson shipping canteen Alesson ship Chippy  PHP     30.00 1  PHP     30.00
Alesson shipping canteen Alesson ship Cloud 9  PHP     15.00 1  PHP     15.00
Alesson shipping canteen Alesson ship Sandwich  PHP     28.00 1  PHP     28.00
Alavar’s Paseo del Mar Curacha  PHP   250.00 1  PHP   250.00
Alavar’s Paseo del Mar Seafood rice  PHP     25.00 1  PHP     25.00
Knickerbocker’s Café Paseo del Mar Knickerbocker  PHP     65.00 2  PHP   130.00


Kind Location  Price Qty  Total
Sando Paseo del Mar  PHP  200.00 1  PHP   150.00
Ref magnet Paseo del Mar  PHP    45.00 5  PHP   200.00
Key chain Paseo del Mar  PHP    30.00 4  PHP   100.00
Apollo Near Municipal Hall  PHP    75.00 3  PHP   200.00
Chocolate Ball Near Municipal Hall  PHP  100.00 2  PHP   200.00
Choco Candy Near Municipal Hall  PHP    55.00 1  PHP   100.00
Sando Near Municipal Hall  PHP  100.00 1  PHP   100.00
Shirt Near Municipal Hall  PHP  100.00 1  PHP   100.00


Name of Accommodation Type  Rate # of Persons  Total
New Atilano Pension House Fan Room (double)  PHP  500.00 2  PHP   500.00


Description Location  Price # of Persons  Total
Terminal Fee Zamboanga Port to Basilan  PHP    11.00 2  PHP     22.00
Terminal Fee Zamboanga to Manila  PHP  150.00 2  PHP   300.00


  1. When plan A isn’t workable make sure you have plan B, C and D with you to not spoil your travel.
  2. Basilan isn’t a scary place as it’s define by our news, locals are very welcoming.
  3. When buying a ferry ticket from Basilan, check your ticket before walking out as we experienced purchasing a cabin room ticket and paid for the cabin room price yet our ticket was just an economy one. HAHA too bad we were in a hurry weren’t able to check it.
  4. There are 2 ports in Basilan: Isabela and Lamitan, make sure you know where to go first since the 2 ports aren’t so near.
  5. You can wear anything in Basilan however please wear something appropriate as the locals in there aren’t exposed well.

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