When in Zamboanga City – 2016.09

“the mind is a dangerous place”

It’s been two weeks already since my Mindanao invasion happened. Until now, it felt so surreal. I was in awe that  I don’t know what I will write or how should I put my travel experienced into words. I didn’t know this can be difficult.

Let me begin by saying that it was supposed to be an end-to-end travel, I mean travel to Batanes first then Tawi-Tawi however I didn’t pushed through with Batanes. Sad I know… It’s been my second year already of cancelling my trip to Batanes, perhaps some things aren’t just for me now. I didn’t know what came to my mind but glad it made me buy the ticket.

It was Friday, my flight to Zamboanga City is at 11 in the morning. Arrived at the airport very early. Took some photos and hurriedly went straight to Jollibee to buy some burger flakes since When In Manila‘s having a travel contest and whoever win gets the 50,000PhP. I would’ve taken a photo somewhere in Zamboanga with the burgers in it however I forgot about it so ended up eating it. HAHA

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At the departure area, I didn’t notice my flight’s already open for check-in since I didn’t hear an announcement and haven’t seen a signboard saying that flight going to Zamboanga  City was already open. I was too enthralled with my phone that I didn’t notice the time until I heard my  name being called. Ran off hurriedly to the boarding gate as I am the only individual left for the flight. Woooh! Almost missed the flight, good thing I didn’t ‘cos if I did then I won’t be writing now. 🙂

Almost 2 hours inside the plane, butt was complaining. Teehee ^_^ finally arrived. HA!!!! I pinched myself to made sure I was definitely in Zamboanga and not somewhere else. HAHA childish I know. I was pretty amazed by the airport so had to take a lot of selfie photos and some good full body photos as well. By far the most beautiful airport I’ve been to in the country. ♥

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Upon arriving, hired a tricycle going to Jimmy’s Satti as it was already lunch time and my stomach already growling. Why not? Ordered their specialty and took a seat. When food was served I devoured it immediately but then few minutes passed by and my tummy’s already throwing up. I gave up my food. Not to offend you Zamboangeños but my tummy’s really not in the mood during that time but I’d love to try eating it again once I’ll be back in your town.

After paying, walked my way going to Winzelle Suites as suggested by my virtual friend Ulysses (too bad we haven’t got the chance to meet 😦 ). The hotel’s in the city center of Zamboanga. Walking distance from malls, Plaza Pershing, Fort Pilar, Paseo del Mar, Port Terminal, City Hall and other establishments that we saved a few bucks from walking around instead of riding a jeepney/ tricycle. Upon checking in, I went straight to the room, changed clothes, charged the gadgets for almost an hour before heading out.

Since I only have few hours left to tour around the city before evening hits my next agenda: To Yakan Village. Walked my way to the Police Station and look for a jeep that passes by Yakan Village.

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 When I arrived there, I couldn’t imagine that the place was really was it. It was far from the photos I’ve seen on the internet or because it’s modern day already and my visit was quite late. Hmm.. didn’t catch a single weaver, bad timing you know. 😦 took few photos and bought some souvenirs before I left and hopped on a jeepney to our next stop: RT Lim Boulevard!

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RT Lim Boulevard’s so-so only. The seaside should be a very beautiful place in my mind although the seawater wasn’t smelly like the Manila bay however seaside trash was all over. 😦 didn’t stay long there. Hopped on a jeep going to Plaza Pershing as our legs too tired to walk. HAHA

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It’s almost 5 in the afternoon and hurriedly walked my way to Fort Pilar as it closes in 5. Just admired the place and took some photos before going out nothing much to see since there were no shows. Checked out Barter outside then feed and played with the doves. Too many of them not to noticed.

Last spot for the day was Paseo del Mar. I liked the place, it was so chill. Had snacks at Tony’s then transferred to Alavar to taste the famous curacha too bad it’s not available, I tried seafood rice instead. My night was shortened as the weather’s a killjoy.

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Stopped by at Jollibee and purchased the burger flakes again so I could bring it to my next destination the next day since there’s no Jollibee store(s) in there and join the contest. Why not? 😀

Wrote a separate entry for my next Mindanao destination: When in Tawi Tawi 😍❤👣


11:00 – ETD Zamboanga City
13:00 – ETA Zamboanga City
13:15 – Jimmy’s Satti
14:00 – Checked in
15:00 – ETD Yakan Village
15:30 – ETA Yakan Village
15:40 – ETD RT Lim Boulevard
16:00 – ETA RT Lim Boulevard
16:15 – ETD Plaza Pershing
16:20 – ETA Plaza Pershing
16:40 – ETA Fort Pilar
17:00 – Paseo del Mar
20:30 – Jollibee
21:00 – Back to Accommodation
22:00 – Rest/ Sleep

Breakdown of our OVERALL TOTAL EXPENSES (PHP 4,974) for 2 individuals:


Destination Vehicle type Description Fare # of persons Total
RT Airfare Manila-Zamboanga airplane 599 promo sale 1 way(cebpac) 1,198 2  PHP       2,396.00
Airport to Jimmy’s Satti tricycle special trip 100 2  PHP          100.00
Police Station to Yakan Village jeepney standard 13 2  PHP            26.00
Yakan Village to RT Lim blvd jeepney standard 13 2  PHP            26.00
RT Lim blvd to Plaza Pershing jeepney standard 5 2  PHP            10.00
Paseo del Mar to Plaza Pershing jeepney standard 6 2  PHP            12.00


Winzelle Suites – Twin Deluxe PhP1,200/overnight stay


Restaurant’s Name Location Description Price Quantity  Total
Jimmy’s Satti Pilar Street Haus Special  PHP          134.00
Tony’s Paseo del Mar Cheese stick 90 5 pcs 1 serving  PHP            90.00
Tony’s Paseo del Mar Watermelon shake 45 1 glass  PHP            45.00
Tony’s Paseo del Mar San Miguel Light 46 2 bottles  PHP            92.00
Alavar Paseo del Mar Seafood rice 125 1 platter  PHP          125.00
Alavar Paseo del Mar Pinakbet w/ rice 50 1 serve  PHP            50.00
Jollibee Plaza Pershing Adobo Flakes Yum Burger 59 2 pcs  PHP          118.00


Kind Location Description Price Quantity  Total
Ecobag YakanVillage Foldable bag w/ zipper 150 1 pc  PHP          150.00
Lipstick holder YakanVillage 50 5 pcs  PHP          250.00
Scapular Barter 35 1 pc  PHP            35.00


Description Location Price Total
100 Globe load Outside Zamboanga Airport 110  PHP   110
Doves seeds Barter 5  PHP       5


  1. Mindanao as we all know is mostly live by our Muslim brothers and sisters specifically in Zamboanga City – GIRLS refrain from wearing short shorts. Better wear skirts and a dress, a little appropriate to look to keep yourself from getting stared at.
  2. When planning a trip to Zamboanga, make sure you get the 1st flight – activities like island hopping to Sta. Cruz Island and hiking to Merloquet falls have limited time only.
  3. Jeepney drivers are way better than tricycle drivers. They’re honest and will assist you unlike tricycle drivers they’re going to ask you for more especially if they know you are a visitor to their place.
  4. They understand Bisaya and Tagalog language so chill and don’t panic.
  5. Zamboanga is a beautiful city and should not be feared. Go. Don’t stop yourself from going.

Happy traveling my wanderers. Keep safe and see you on the roads! ❤👣


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