When in Bataan – 2016.08

Two weeks before the trip, my colleagues and I were talking about our out-of-the-country plan for next year which is quite impossible but oh well forget about it. That day before we head home, a resort located in Bataan sent an email about their “Off Peak Season” promo and it got us tempted not to go to so we sent a reply email asking about it. I mean who wouldn’t be tempted for 1,150 PhP per person you’ll get to enjoy the resort and its amenities (kayak, wheel biking, zipline, banana boat, adventure park) plus free meals (dinner, breakfast and lunch). Seriously, WOW! 😲 But to avail the promo you have to be atleast 4, good thing we’re 4 in our department so yes we can avail it. We settled the down payment immediately before we can change our minds. Silly don’t we? 😅😄


Next week came and one of my colleague opened up to us that his husband and son wants to come too so I told them about my partner wanting to come along as well. At first I was hesitant since it was preplanned as an all-girls outing but then why not? The more the merrier. 😆👭👭👬👬

On the day of our getaway we were all so excited although we missed the 08:30 bus schedule. The travel was very tiresome… almost 4 hours sitting on the bus alone then a jeepney ride and another jeepney ride and lastly a tricycle ride to get to the resort. The weather wasn’t cooperating during that afternoon as heavy rain poured down. Phew. 😧😤😥

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Arrived at the resort pretty late for our check in time but settled fast that we ran off to the beach to have some fun before it gotten late. We decided to claim our free banana boat ride on that day. The line’s pretty long but we’re patient enough to wait. I was grinning widely when it’s our time already but as usual the weather’s a killjoy that our ride was shortened. Sad I know but it was okay, we had fun that’s all that matters.

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After the ride we went straight to the pool. It was a bit crowded since everyone on the beach was dismissed by the lifeguard to avoid accident which was very good of him. After a short swim we decided to clean up because our hungry stomachs were shouting already. While waiting for the bathroom to be vacant, we did the wheel biking. The night’s getting better I say.

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During dinner, their restaurant was understaffed that our food was served late but its okay it was delicious though. There’s a band playing while you enjoy munching your food to not get you bored while listening to the pouring rain. Us, girls went to our room early while the boys stay behind for a drink.

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The next day came and the sun was shining oh so bright. I woke up very early and went outside to check the weather and was greeted by my partner who’s wheel biking. Used the bathroom quickly and went outside to join him while others were still sleeping. We explored the Adventure Park and it didn’t fail us. You can find ostriches, pigs and ducks in there; there were kayak boats too to use and obstacle courses you’d want to try. I didn’t expect that at 05:30 in the morning there’ll be so many people up already but who am I to judge? 😉 Soon my colleagues joined us and they got disappointed since I didn’t wake them up but you see I was pretty excited to go down when I woke up that I forgot about them. HAHA we continued exploring the Adventure Park until 07:00 AM that we headed to the dining area to have breakfast. Like the dinner, food was delicious. I wished it was served buffet style so my stomach would be so happy.

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After breakfast, we changed into our swimming attires. The beach was crowded as expected due to the awesome weather. We hurriedly went to the zipline entrance area and waited for almost an hour to experience it since one of our colleague haven’t tried it. We went into twos to shorten the queuing then decided to hit the beach but a boatman approached us and offered a snorkeling activity for 150 PhP per person and agreed on his offer… cheap I know. Fifteen minutes away from the resort and the boat stopped somewhere in the open sea, the water’s crystal clear too bad the boatman was colorum that he doesn’t have enough snorkeling gears for everyone to used. The corals were beautiful deep down. Who wouldn’t thought right but I didn’t forget I live in the Philippines where marine life is a beauty. Thirty minutes passed and we were called to board the boat, we questioned him at first since our agreement was 1 hour stay but just like promises agreements can be broken too. We head back to the resort and did our last activity, kayaking!!!

We had so much fun doing the activity. It was almost lunchtime that we need to clean up not because we’re hungry but because it’s our last day in the resort and we haven’t fixed our things yet. Soaked in the kiddie pool for a few minutes before transferring to the adult pool and back to the room to shower. After getting ready, I checked the room if there were things left before proceeding to the dining area for the last free meal. The last meal given was a little extravagant though it’s still plated, the staffs were in t heir uniform and the band was present again to serenade all the guests before leaving.

After having lunch, the weather’s gloomy again and about to rain so we hurriedly checked out and waited for our tricycle driver contact to fetch us at the reception area.

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All in all, I had fun. We had so much fun not until we were on our way home that we discovered the camera’s lost. 😔😫🙈😢😭 I know what your reactions going to be. I know. I feel so sad that I was tempted to go back to the resort however we’re quite far from the place and the rains pouring very hard. Definitely not on our side.😢I almost cried. I was blaming my partner for it, dropped names on him to the frustration I felt. I was mad. No not the correct word perhaps but that’s it… I was devastated. How can’t I be? The best memories of our outing were there. All the pictures during the second day and the videos were left in it. Extremely sad that I gave him a silent treatment. I sent a sms to our contact there to help us find it unfortunately our contact was in Pampanga. I lost hope but it didn’t stop me from trying. I sent him again multiple sms and called him up as well for updates from the time being we acquired network signal but the staff said they haven’t found it and no one reported a lost camera during that time. I was adamant on finding it but haven’t gotten any updates. I can’t accept it that it was lost. My heart was crushed. I feel so sorry for my colleagues for their captured memories and them as well to us. I can’t help thinking about it that I slept on the bus on our way back to Manila. Anyway, don’t feel sorry for me, I accepted it already and moved on. Captured memories are lost but those memories are instilled in me. Be happy for me instead.😊


 DAY 1

0930 – ETD Olongapo

1230 – ETA Olongapo

  • 10 mins jeepney ride to Harbor Point Mall
  • lunch at the mall

1315 – Jeepney ride to Morong Star Beach Resort from Harbor Point Mall

1430 – ETA Morong

  • 15 mins tricycle ride to the resort

1500 – Check in

  • Settle
  • Beaching
  • Banana boat ride
  • Swimming pool

1930 – Dinner

2100 – Rest/ sleep


0530 – Woke up/ wash up

  • Explore Adventure Park

0700 – Breakfast

0800 – Beaching

  • Zipline Activity

0930 – Snorkeling Activity

1030 – Kayak Activity

1100 – Swimming pool

1130 – Getting ready

1200 – Lunch

1300 – Check out

  • Tricycle to jeep terminal
  • Jeep to Harbor Point Mall

1445 – ETA Harbor Point

  • Jeep to Victory Liner Terminal

1500 – Arrived Victory Liner Terminal

1600 – ETD Metro Manila

2000 – ETA Metro Manila


  1. From Cubao ride a Victory Liner bus going to Olongapo
  1. From the Victory Liner terminal in Olongapo walked a little and look for a yellow jeepney bound to Harbor Point Mall
  2. From Harbor Point Mall go to the parking lot where jeepneys going to Morong are waiting. Ride one and tell the driver to drop you off at the tricycle terminal bound for Morong Star Beach Resort.
  3. Ride a tricycle going to the resort.


 1,150 PhP – Resort all in per pax: Morong Star Beach Resort & Hotel

   566 PhP – Roundtrip transportation from Cubao to Morong resort vv


1,716 PhP – Total estimated expenses (exclusive of food)

Breakdown of Transportation Fare:

  • 212 Php – Cubao to Olongapo via Victory Liner Bus
  • 7 Php – Yellow jeepney bound for Harbor Point Mall
  • 45 PhP – Jeepney bound for Morong from Harbor Point Mall
  • 10 PhP – Tricycle ride going to the resort from Morong
  • 17 PhP – Tricycle ride from resort to Morong jeepney terminal
  • 45 PhP – Jeepney from Morong to Harbor Point Mall
  • 7 PhP – Yellow jeepney from Harbor Point Mall to Victory Liner terminal
  • 223 PhP – Olongapo to Pasay via Victory Liner Bus


  1. To get back to Manila from the resort just follow the steps when you go there starting from the last step since there’s no other way. We tried asking for much easier and faster way however there’s none. Nothing you can do.
  2. The staffs are very approachable and accommodating although our dinner was served late but I understand them, they were understaffed that night.
  3. There are life guards everywhere: at the beach, at the kiddie pool as well as on the adult pool. So don’t you worry.
  4. The room’s quite big although the bathroom’s a little small. There’s free towel for the number of guest in the room as well as shampoo and soap. The room’s air-conditioned plus cabled tv.
  5. The food’s ecstatic. It was delicious however I still wish it was served in buffet style not pla ted.
  6. You might wonder why the staff looked like they were members of the “Dating Daan” because they are. The owner of the resort was a Dating Daan member.
  7. Network signal is pretty bad in the place so use your phone’s camera to capture moments instead of waiting as to when you’ll be able to connect to facebook ands your other social media accounts. Teehee
  8. The beach sand isn’t white but it’s a fine gray. Also, try the snorkeling activity if you’re into marine life you’d be amaze. Sorry I don’t have pictures to prove it but my eyes have seen it, hopefully it will convince you.
  9. The resort is good for company outing and reunions.
  10. If something’s lost don’t find it. Don’t be sad but be thankful instead. Everything has a reason as to why it happened. Accept it. Move on. Be happy instead because something good’s coming your way. Believe. ♥

Happy safe travels everyone and don’t forget to check out Morong Star Beach Resort & Hotel’s website for their promos and rates. 😉👣❤


20 thoughts on “When in Bataan – 2016.08

  1. Oh, it’s sad that you lost your camera but don’t worry friend, a better camera is coming your way! Anyways, travelling off season is really nice. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awww. How I love this statement of yours “Captured memories are lost but those memories are instilled in me.”. Sorry for the lost of your camera. 😛

    Amyway, you have a great adventure in Bataan. Thanks for the info. I’ll be bringing your blogpost incase I will go here. Thank you so much for sharing. ♥

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I would be devastated, too. I haven’t lost anything yet during travel (knock on wood), but I pretty much have an idea what it must feel like to lose your photos. Just dwell on the idea that you all had fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Been wanting to visit Bataan (it’s my Dad’s side’s province) so this post would be really helpful to me once I start planning my trip there! Also, I’m so sorry to hear that you lost your camera, these are the times when we realize how much more important non-material things are. Hoping you have more travels and great times!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So sorry about what happened. But as they say it, the best memories are those not caught by your camera (something like that). In this case, those captured but were eventually lost, LOL. Cheer up!



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