Event 02.16

Annual company outing.

Set and ready. Preparations done a year  before. But I guess there’s always a first time to it. 🙈

Upon joining the company one of my first project was to plan the company’s outing plus team building on it, as far as I know most outings are done during summer (Mar-May) so I have a very limited time to plan it.

At first I was okay accepting the project since I thought there’s a draft being made too bad there’s none that I have to start from scratch.

  1. I sent out a survey form to my co-workers regarding about what they have in mind to help me properly plan out via skype.
  2. Gather and sort out the forms.
  3. Research on good places (resorts) that’s worth the budget of course with swimming pool and team building. 😂😅
  4. Left with less than 10 choices since my target date was last Apr-May but most of the resorts were full.
  5. Made a presentation file and presented it to the management.

It took me less than a month to plan the said outing but the management ignores it that some of the resorts listed called me up and told me that they have to give away our slot since we haven’t confirmed yet. I can’t do anything about it but to agree on them. I was back to scratch, research and presented again. This time the management had already chose the resort and a week after we made a down payment for  the confirmation of the outing that’ll be done 2 months from the preparation date.

I was kind of excited about it since I’m new to the company. A month and a week after, my supervisor told me to move the date of the outing because there’s a project between one of our clients and our company and it’s quite urgent and important that it will start on the 1st week of June.

I was sad. Minds been asking me questions like: why move the date when it’s settled already? Can’t the client give us a day off for the annual outing? Can’t they compromise and agree to it? When will it be moved?

You see it’s rainy season, definitely not good for company outing. Was asking my supervisor when will it be moved? She just said after 3 months, like WTH! I can’t just give “after 3 months” answer to the resort they want the specific date.

Opted not to call the resort when asked to. 😂😂😅 a day or two my supervisor came to me and asked if I had moved the date of the outing,. I simply said yes even if I haven’t perhaps there’s still this small hope in me that the outing will push through. Evil me I say. 😈

2 weeks before the outing my supervisor came to me again and told me to moved the outing to December. Really December? Wow. Who on their right mind will move an outing on December?

I was kind of frustrated and disappointed as well. Was thinking if the outing will be on December will I be able to join? Was even considering NOT to join if it’ll be moved. 🙈😯😔

The next day my supervisor told me to not move the date. Yes! 😅😂 I was a bit happy though the excitement wasn’t there already. Good thing I didn’t call the resort.

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It was all set, called up the resort to advised them about it and asked a few questions.

On the day of the outing everyone came early. No  one was late. I was ecstatic.

From Makati to the resort we arrived late from the pit stops we made. My stomach was aching from the hunger it felt. How much more my colleagues who aren’t used to eating late.

Arrived at the resort almost 14:00 in the afternoon. Our stomachs were grumbling. Hihi so we went to the reception area took our ballers and off we proceed to the dining area.

Since I was the organizer I have to settle my coworkers first. I went to the reception area again and asked the keys to our rooms. I felt there was something wrong and indeed I was right. We lacked one room, the other room which was supposedly good for 8 individuals was only good for 6. The agent from the main office and the agent in the resort had a miscommunication. I got irritated. I felt so pissed during that time since I was the organizer I thought everything was okay but then it wasn’t. My patience was tested. I’m not sure how others see it but I’m sure the blame game was put to me.

Settled it for almost an hour. Was able to breathe. Hay. I said to myself I’m never gonna organize something again. Perhaps, I’m just better off alone then.

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Anyway this is how our itinerary goes in case you plan on visiting the resort but I’m not sure if you’ll going to like it (the resort).


0800 – ETD Zambales

1300 – ETA Zambales

1330 – Lunch time

1500 – Free time

1700 – Team Building

1830 – End of Team building

1930 – Dinner

2030 – Free time


0600 – Wake up/ wash up

0700 – Swimming

0800 – Breakfast

0900 – Swimming

1130 – Check out

1330 – ETA Subic (lunch)

1530 – ETD Manila

1800 – ETA Manila

Van contact:

Kuya Caloy Hipolito: 👨bcahipolito@yahoo.com 09228161893

We got the 2 vans 🚐 for 18, ooo PhP all in (toll fee, gas fee, parking fee)

I recommend you contact them. Smooth driving. Easy to talked to.

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  1. Ask the participants what they like and what they do not.
  2. Send out survey forms asking each participant about the event you’re going to organize.
  3. Gather all their answers and sort it out. Jot down important details.
  4. Read and research articles and blog entries related to the event you’re going to organize to get some tips.
  5. Send emails and call the places you have in mind as to where your temporary event will be held and ask the possible questions.
  6. Gather all the information and put it into a presentation. Then present it. Once approved do the rest.
  7. Make sure to contact the right person in the resort for examples if the resort has branches CONTACT the branch where you’re going to have the event NOT the main branch so there’ll be no chaos during the event date.
  8. Arranged everything. Follow up from time to time about the resort. Asked all the possible questions to your resort contact like how big the room is the amenities to be use for free and for rent.
  9. Just ask everything. It wouldn’t hurt asking right?

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  1. Don’t believe what their website says, it’s different.
  2. The amenities aren’t all working.
  3. The staffs from the main office are very hard to reach. They often answer their cellular phones.
  4. During afternoon no one from the main office picks up the telephone call.
  5. Always always call, email them nonstop until they’re going to answer you.
  6. Ask them about the actual rooms.
  7. Tell them the time you’re going to eat so the food won’t be cold when it’s already eating time.
  8. The facilitator doesn’t use a microphone, listen very carefully with the instructions.
  9. Not all the activities in the team building listed will be put in action make sure to ask the facilitator if it’ll be included or not.






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