When in NegOcc – 2016.06

Bacolod City – commonly known as the city of smiles. ☺ had a good time here. Although my time’s limited still the city never failed me. It surprises me more than I can imagine too bad time has its way of killing it.


When one visits the place, you’ll questioned yourself is this really is it? Airport terminal’s quite far from the busy city. Walking isn’t recommended here. Spots aren’t near from each other except for the city tour. It was crowded and traffic when I visit or perhaps because it’s election time. Mode of transportation here are pedicab, public jeepney, cab, and bus. They have so many terminals that will complicate your complicated mind so when you approached someone and asked where to ride going to this place, tell them the exact name of the place and address.

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If it’s your first time here then enjoy and get lost. Explore the place as much as time allows you to.

Below is my sample itinerary. I came from Dumaguete City.

  • 0600 – checked out accom (White Knights)
  • 0610 – breakfast
  • 0715 – ceres bus terminal
  • 0800 – ETD Bacolod
  • 1400 – ETA Bacolod
  • 1410 – checked in accom (Tamera)
  • 1430 – jeep terminal going to Mambukal
  • 1515 – ETA Mambukal Spring
  • 1700 – ETD jeep terminal
  • 1730 – arrived at another terminal going to Ruins
  • 1800 – ETA The Ruins via tric
  • 2000 – left The Ruins
  • 2035 – dropped by Robinson’s mall
  • 2055 – jeep from Robinson’s to Sans Rival store to buy souvenirs
  • 2130 – Dinner at Manukan (walking distance from Sans Rival and SM store)
  • 2230 – ETA accom


    1. 1100PhP: Tamera Plaza Inn
    1. 580PhP: composed of Piaya, Napoleones, Mango tart, Barquillos
  3. FARE:
    1. 377PhP: Dumaguete to Bacolod
    2. 65PhP: cab from ceres bus terminal to accom (Tamera)
    3. 70PhP: mini-bus to Mambukal from Libertad terminal vv
    4. 10PhP: jeep Libertad terminal to North bus terminal
    5. 250PhP: tric from North bus terminal to The Ruins vv
    6. 7PhP: jeep from North bus terminal to Robinson’s mall
    7. 7PhP: jeep from Robinson’s mall to Bongbong’s store near SM store
    8. 60PhP: cab from SM store to accom
    9. 150PhP: shuttle from accom to airport terminal

Total Fare: 996PhP

TOTAL EST COST: 2,676PhP (exclusive of food, since we differ when it comes to food preference)

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  • Go! Hotels
  • Sweet City Chapel
  • Bacolod Pension House
  • 11th Street Bed and Breakfast
  • Inns by the Oriental


  • Manokan Country
  • Old Pala-Pala Market
  • Calea Pastries and Coffee
  • May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant
  • Felicia’s pastry cafe
  • Kapehan Nang  Silay
  • El Ideal Bakery


  • Bacolod Cathedral
  • Diocesan Shrine of St. Thaddeus
  • Sta. Clara Chapel
  • San Antonio Abad Church
  • Capitol Park & Lagoon
  • Negros Occidental Provincial Capitol Building
  • Negros Museum
  • Dizon Ramon Museum
  • Lizares Mansion
  • Yulo Ancestral House
  • Bacolod Western Visayas Clonal Nursery
  • Campuestohan Highland Resort
  • Silay City (museum city just like Vigan)
  • 30 heritage houses
  • Balay Negrense
  • Bernardino-Jalandoni House Museum
  • Hofileña Museum
  • Mambukal Mountain Resort
  • Balairng Mangrove Canopy
  • The Ruins


  1. Plan ahead of time since the places aren’t near from each other know which places are near and which aren’t for easy visit.
  2. Get an accommodation near Robinson’s mall or SM store although it’s quite pricey but it’s near to most of the places to visit as well as to terminals too.
  3. Lots of food choices in the place, choose wisely also don’t forget to try the food places I picked… those are must try’s.
  4. It’s quite hot in Bacolod might as well bring an umbrella, a cap, hat a shades with you, don’t forget to apply some sun cream to your skin.
  5. Don’t forget to wear your most comfortable clothes and sneakers/ slippers.
  6. Bring water so you won’t feel dehydrated as well as an extra shirt too.
  7. Learn how to read maps for easy location finding or or learn the act of approaching and asking questions to random people.

That’s it, hopefully I am able to help you this time. Happy safe travels y’all! See you when I see you! 🙂

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