When in Apo Island – 2016.05

Here I am again… as a child I’ve been going back to Negros Oriental but never visited the famous turtle island. This year, I’ve gotten a chance to go and visit the said island.

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I was very excited since it’s my first time to see giant sea turtles and swim with them. Although I was quite indecisive at first as to where to go: turtle island or manjuyod sandbar? Oh well, obviously I ended up with turtle island, I can just go  back anytime I want anyway, so here it goes…

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Wanting to visit the island but don’t know how to? Well, you’re in the right place so be ready with your pen and paper, or might as well screenshot it so you won’t forget or or bookmarked it for much easier searching. ^_^

Entry point is Dumaguete City.

Sample Itinerary:

  • 0700 – Checked in accommodation to leave things
  • 0715 – Side trip to Silliman University
  • 1000 – Passed by Robinson’s mall
  • 1010 – Ceres bus terminal
  • 0800 – ETD Malatapay Market (bus bound to Bayawan)
  • 0830 – ETD Apo Island
  • 0930 – ETA Apo Island
    • Register Tourism
    • Start with Snorkeling
  • 1500 – ETD Malatapay
  • 1600 – ETA Malatapay
  • 1630 – Bus back to Dumaguete
  • 1730 – ETA Dumaguete bus terminal
  • 1745 – Back to accom
  • 1840 – Walked until Rizal Boulevard
  • 2030 – Back to accom


  1. 300Php – Accommodation at White Knightsper night
  2. 20Php – Roundtrip tricycle fare from accom to bus terminal vice versa
  3. 100PhP – Roundtrip bus fare from terminal to Malatapay Market vice versa
  4. 2,000PhP – Boat fare from Malatapay to Apo Island good for 5 pax
  5. 100PhP – Registration Fee
  6. 300PhP – Guide Fee
  7. 100PhP – Snorkeling Gear
  8. 100PhP – Aqua shoes
  9. 100PhP – Life vest

Total Est Cost: 3,120PhP


  • I recommend you White Knights since it’s only 300PhP/room/night and try local foods in town, you’ll be amazed.

You can check my other blog When in NEgOR – 2016.03 to help you more about Negros Oriental.


  • If you love walking, Dumaguete City is for you.
  • Mode of transportation: tricycle, jeepneys (to nearby town), bus (for farther towns)
  • When going to Apo Island or any place that involves water make sure to bring a dry bag with you so your valuables won’t get wet.
  • Buy your own aqua shoes and snorkeling gear rather than renting for you to use and for future beach escapades as well as to lessen the expenses.
  • Boat fare from Malatapay to Apo Island is quite pricey for one person make sure you have someone with you or you’re in a group to minimize the expense.
  • You can’t swim in the Marine Sanctuary wherein the sea turtles are usually found if you don’t have a guide, now you know what to do ^_^
  • If you’re a native of Negros, make sure you have an ID indicating you’re a resident of Negros so you’ll only pay the local fee not the tourist fee.
  • Change into your swimming clothes upon arrival at Malatapay to be ready with the waves.
  • When in Dumaguete you can have walking side trips for free like:
    • Silliman University
    • Belfry in Dumaguete
    • Rizal Boulevard and so much more
  • Of course, don’t miss Mr. Google for more ideas of the said place.

For opinions/ comments/ suggestions feel free to comment/ message me. Happy travels to you! See you when I see you! ♥☻

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