When in NegOr – 2016.03

Had a side trip stay in Dumaguete, Negros Oriental for half a day last 20th of Janaury 2016.

From Moalboal, we rode a bus bound to Oslob. Was trying to tell the conductor to stop us at Lilo-an but he insisted that we won’t be able to make it to Lilo-an so decided for Bato instead. Sadly, we’re supposed to catch up with the pumpboat at Lilo-an and we could’ve saved a few bucks but it’s alright what’s done is done.

From Bato, we rode the RoRo ship bound for Tampi in Negros Oriental. 30-45 minutes on the ship and we arrived at our destination. Soon, we hired a tricycle to Dumaguete town for 50/head since we’re five and town’s quite far from the Tampi port.

As we arrived at the Public Market, we’re waiting for Jon. Around 10 minutes Jon arrived and led us to his place. We stayed for a few minutes for a cup of coffee and a little chat and decided to go to Rizal boulevard while I decided to stay the night with Apol. ^_^

Before I went to Apol I stopped at a drugstore first to buy her medicine since she’s not feeling well. After an hour I arrived at White Knights.

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Morning came and there was no electricity in the hotel, no generator even. So I decided to checked out and went to boulevard again since I didn’t come with them last night. Took some photos, walked around, went to Sans Rival Bistro to have a good breakfast and feel the breeze of the sea. Mesmerizing the beauty in front of me, the serenity of the place in all.

From bistro I moved to Hoy Lugaw! for another meal and wasted my time thinking where to go next: was deciding to go to Valencia, Dauin or San Jose but having little time left before I head back to Cebu I decided to go to San Jose instead. Found myself walking back to the market and rode a multicab, fare’s less than 20, can’t remember sorry.

12417678_10206562318554531_6951240588036374855_nArrived at San Jose and hired a motorcycle bound to Twin Lake. From the jeepney drop off to the main entrance of the lake it took almost 15 kilometers, butt was hurting from the long ride. HAHA

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At the main entrance you have to register first to be able to go inside. After registration another 900m ride to the restaurant. From there, all vehicles will be park since it’s not allowed down the lake. The rode going to the 1st lake’s so steep. It’s slippery when it rained, make sure your footwear can hold.

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I was mesmerized by the beauty of the lake but then I was a little bit disappointed since I thought both lakes were linked from each other since it’s called “Twin Lakes” but it wasn’t. You either fetch a boat going to the other lake or trek from the 1st lake. Since fetching a boat is quite expensive for a solo traveler like me I opted to walk instead.

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From Lake Balinsasayao to Lake Danao I walked another 900m to get there. The trek looks longer since the trail isn’t that nice, there’s a lot of leaping to do and you have to be very careful since it’s slippery as well and you might encounter a snake but just ignore it so it’ll ignore you as well.

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Exploring the place for almost 2 hours before I decided to go since I still need to go back to Cebu and hopefully be able to reach there before late night.

Packed my self and rode the motorcycle again. My motorcycle driver Tatay Bebot was very good and gentle. He not only brought me to the lake but he serves as my guide as well. He’s a barangay councilor at his place so he’s well known, good thing for me since my bag’s heavy he left it at one of the staffs in the place. He dropped me straight from the twin lake to Sibulan port. Lucky me I don’t have to wait for a jeepney and a less hassle for me too. ^_^

Arrived at Sibulan port around 1500 too bad there was no pumpboat since the waves were huge but oh well long as I can go back then it was fine with me.

Arrived around 2100 in Cebu City.


  • FREE – Accommodation
  • ₱60 – RoRo from Bato to Tampi
  • ₱50 – tricycle from Tampi to Dgte Public Market
  • ₱8 – drugstore to Merciano’s
  • ₱200 – est. price Breakfast at Sans Rival Bistro & Hoy Lugaw!
  • ₱20 – est. fare public market to San Jose
  • ₱400 – (RT Fare) motorcycle from San Jose to the lake
  • ₱52 – registration fee since my dad’s from Negros then I have to pay Tatay Bebot’s fee and his motorcycle as well as the parking fee for it
  • ₱200 – guide tip
  • ₱62 – ferry fare
  • ₱162 – Lilo-an to Cebu (non-AC bus)


GUIDE: TATAY BEBOT +63915-3282666 (you can contact him for Negros Oriental tours)


  • Rizal Boulevard
  • Belfry
  • Casaroro Falls
  • St. Catherine of Alexandria Chapel
  • Silliman University Anthropology Museum
  • Pulangbato Falls
  • Malatapay Market
  • Apo Island
  • Twin Lakes of Balinsasayao and Danao
  • Lake Balanan
  • Mount Talinis
  • Aquino Freedom Park
  • Bell Church
  • Panligawan Cave
  • Sudlon Falls
  • Pandalihan Cave


  • Negros Oriental has so many to offer when it comes to food. Your 50PhP can get you a good set of meal already, it really depends on you if you’re picky or not and if your budget can still hold LOL


  • You can find cheap accommodations nearby Dumaguete airport or along Rizal boulevard 300/head as the lowest. Still, it depends on your taste and budget if you can afford a luxury one then why not? You’re there for vacation anyway


  1. Negros Island is big that’s why it is split into Oriental and Occidental. Dumaguete City is the capital of Negros Oriental while Bacolod City is of that Negros Occidental
  2. Dumaguete City is a SMOKE FREE ZONE so be careful when smoking in public
  3. Common means of transportation in Dumaguete is motorcycle. It’s either you rent or hire a pedicab instead
  4. There’s no traffic lights in Dumaguete just be discipline enough when you’re driving
  5. It’s a chill place too, so shorts, tees, slippers are in in here
  6. Dumaguete is the home of the gentle people, learn from them
  7. When riding a jeepney, pay upon drop off that’s how it’s done there
  8. Negros is one of places to go to since accommodations and food here is inexpensive and more than its value.. talking about quality over quantity in here

For more info about the place just leave a comment or if you have something to add on, I’d appreciate it more. Happy safe travels everyone! ^_^

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