When in Cebu- 2016.02

Took a vacation and went home for the Sinulog festival. Too bad, wasn’t able to attend the parade and procession due to the super delay flight from Cebu Pacific. 😦

12524033_10206498643202687_4117931038727306765_nFrom the airport, I went straight to the hotel (Holiday Spa) which was sponsored by a virtual friend. Left my bag and met up my partner at Orange Karenderia in Lahug. Dine for a bit, yes it’s free haha the serving is big too. From there, went back to the hotel to rest and changed as well. Getting ready for the evening walkathon. 😀

From hotel, I brought my partner to Rico’s Lechon since he wasn’t able to try Cebu’s lechon and for him to taste the best lechon in the city. We arrived their around 1830 and sadly the resto was out of lechon 😦 so we waited for 1900 for the lechon to arrived as per advised by the store manager however the lechon didn’t arrived on time and we were gidding already. Later, as the lechon arrived we ordered the spicy and the original ones and of course cebu’s ngohiong partnered by watermelon shake and a buko pandan shake.

From Rico’s, we hailed a cab going to Ayala to start our walkathon. Walked the streets of Cebu Business Park to Mango Avenue for 30-45 minutes having people putting a paint on your face/clothes without a choice plus a “Pit Señor!” greeting. Wasn’t able to passed through since it’s very crowded and I can’t breathe properly so I decided we’d walk back. Met a few friends along the road. ^_^

Back in Ayala, quarter before 2100. We went inside the mall because I certainly need a tie and a bathroom break, bought a water too. As we went outside, after 3 minutes the fireworks began. Wohoo!! Then back to hotel, decided to rest since my partner had a plane to catch. Thinking of attending a party but after a few minutes I was already asleep. HAHA that’s how my 1st day went.


  • ₱100 – taxi fare from airport to the hotel
  • ₱69 – tie (ayala dept store)
  • ₱200 – 1 whole roasted chicken from Joule’s
  • ₱78 – 6 small chuckies

TOTAL: ₱447


Woke up late and missed the free breakfast 😦 checked out around 1100. Took a jeepney ride to Talamban to buy a roasted chicken for my nieces 😀 then another jeepney ride going home.

Played with them for a few hours, bought them chocolate drinks then rest. Around 1300, I took a jepney ride going to South Bus Terminal. Met up with Apol, another solo traveller too for our O-peak adventure. Stopped at 7-eleven to charged our phone batteries, and treat Apol with a soft drink.

From there, we went inside the terminal however the lane’s so long since everyone’s going back home after the Sinulog festival. It was very crowded and it’s very hot so I decided we’d take the connecting ride. Thankfully we’re able to ride the mini-bus going to Carcar.

From Carcar, we hitchhiked until Argao since the vehicle we rode only stopped there. We were trying to hitchhiked again since it’s almost sunset 😦

we walked but the vehicles weren’t kind enough to let us hitchhiked until a bus turns up. Arrived at Dalaguete around 1900, rode a bus until Dalaguete junction. From the junction, rode a motorcycle going to the jump off then trek going to the peak.

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The trekkings not hard, 15-20minutes only. Stayed for almost 30 minutes at the top then went down. Rode the same motorcycle then Apol and I separated our ways. I waited for a bus going to Cebu for almost an hour 😦 feet and body so tired. From the city, rode a jeepney to Talamban then rode a motorcycle (habal2) going home.


  • ₱13 – jeep from house to USC (University of San Carlos)
  • ₱50 – South bus terminal to Carcar
  • ₱18 – Argao to Dalaguete junction
  • ₱260 – RT motorcycle from Dalaguete main road to drop off plus waiting fee for Manong driver
  • ₱105 – bus from Dalaguete to Cebu
  • ₱11 – jeepney ride from USC to Talamban
  • ₱30 – motorcycle ride from Talamban to home
  • ₱55 – Miscellaneous (mountain dew c/o 7eleven + battery charging)

TOTAL: ₱542

**perhaps you’re thinking we didn’t pay the guide, we did but not on our account. We found a hundred bill nearby and paid it to the guide 😀

GUIDE: JOY +63935-234-0582


Woke up around 0600 then woke up the rest of the gang. Prepared then left the house. Bought few things for the trip then rode a cab to I.T Park in Lahug. From there we had our breakfast at Jollibee, then rode a jeepney to the South Bus Terminal. From South Bus boarded a non A/C bus to Moalboal. Arrived in Moalboal past lunchtime. Ate our lunch at Kate’s aunt house then left our things for our Canyoneering activity. Negotiated a multicab driver to dropped us at Sanggi and met our guides. From Sanggi, we registered then rode a motorcycle to the starting point. From the starting point, we registered again, and got our gears (vest and helmet).

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I was scared, and dead nervous. Was crying before the beginning of the activity. My hands were palpitating that they laughed at me. HAHA IKR? I was sweating even though there was no sun. I was having second thoughts about the activity since I have a very weak heart and am not sure if my heart can take the extreme activity. From the 1st jump off which was 15 ft I jumped with the guide since I can’t take jumping on my own. LOL was happy of my achievement since there were few individuals who turned around and trekked instead.

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The activity went on jumping from one level to the other and two sliding level. Overall the activity was very fun. Yes, even up to now I still looked back and asked myself, “did i really do it?”

After the activity, we trekked going up to the starting point. Wew! It’s quite long and very steep that I almost fainted. Rode a tricycle going back to Sanggi and had dinner there.

From Sanggi, hitchhiked again going to Moalboal.

GUIDE: CHOY +63910-2359786


  • ₱215 – miscellaneous
  • ₱144 – cab fare from Pit-os to IT Park
  • ₱99 – breakfast meal at McDo (1 piece)
  • ₱7 – jeepney ride from IT Park to USC
  • ₱100 – bus fare to Moalboal from Cebu
  • ₱50 – Moalboal to Sanggi
  • ₱100 – RT motorcycle from Sanggi to jump off
  • ₱600 – guide fee
  • ₱50 – FOOD


From Moalboal we proceeded to Dumaguete, please checked out my other blog link: When in NegOr for your future reference as well.


  • South Cebu includes:
    • Whale watching although I don’t recommend this
    • Tumalog Falls at Tumalog, Oslob
    • visit the Cuartel at Poblacion, Oslob
    • visit Parish Church of Immaculate Conception at Poblacion, Oslob
    • Baluarte at Poblacion, Oslob
    • visit Escuela Catolica at Poblacion, Boljoon
    • visit Patrocinio de Maria Parish Church at Poblacion, Boljoon
    • Mantayupan Falls at Campangga, Barili
    • trek to Osmeña Peak at Mantalungon, Dalaguete
    • Kulabyaw Cave at Mantalungon, Dalaguete
    • Canyoneering at Alegria-Badian
    • Kawasan Falls at Badian
    • Mainit Spring at Montaneza in Malabuyoc
    • Aguinid Falls in Tangbo, Samboan
    • Binalayan (hidden) Falls in Samboan
    • Da-o Falls in Samboan
    • Candayvic Falls in Samboan
    • Balay’g Sawa Falls in Samboan
    • Tabon Falls in Samboan
    • Mini Falls in Samboan
    • Colase Marine Sanctuary in Samboan
    • Ponong Lake
    • Kang Yup-ot Spring
    • St. Michael the Archangel Parish Church in Samboan
    • trek to Mt. Bartolina in Samboan
    • Calatagan Cave in Samboan
    • Kang Porning Cave
    • Heritage buildings in Samboan
    • Jacob’s Ladder in Samboan (Escala de Jacob) in Samboan
    • Campanario de Antigua (Ancient Watchtower) in Samboan
    • Samboan Museum
    • Boluntaryo Monument in Samboan
    • Stone Walls in Samboan
    • diving at Moalboal
  • North Cebu includes:
    • Parola in Lilo-an
    • Durano Foundation
    • Danasan Eco Adventure Park
    • Durano Eco Farm
    • Bagatayam Falls
    • Binaliw Spring
    • Shrine of the Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal
    • Hideaway Gibitingil Island
    • TransCentral Highway
    • Balamban Ziplining
    • Highland Resort
    • Mt. Manunggal
    • Molobolo Spring
    • Marmol Cliffs
    • Tabuelan beaches
    • San Remegio beaches


  • Lapulapu Shrine
  • Alegre’s guitar in Lapulapu
  • Tops Lookout
  • Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House
  • Taoist Temple
  • Fort San Pedro
  • Plaza Independencia
  • Basilica del Sto Niño
  • Magellan’s Cross
  • Cebu Cathedral Church
  • Cebu Heritage Monument
  • Museo Sugbu
  • Mountain View Nature’s Park
  • Chapel of San Pedro Calungsod
  • Marcelo Fernan Bridge
  • Colon Street
  • Colon Obelisk
  • Casa Gorordo Museum
  • Taboan Public Market
  • Cathedral Museum of Cebu
  • Temple of Leah
  • Cebu Zoo
  • Cebu Provincial Capitol Building
  • Cebu City Hall
  • Malacañang Sugbu
  • IT Park
  • experience Sky Adventure at Crown Regency Hotel
  • Sirao Farm (best visit in September and during Sinulog time)



  • Carcar City
  • Barili
  • Moalboal
  • Alegria
  • Malabuyoc
  • Samboan
  • Oslob
  • Santander
  • Boljoon
  • Dalaguete
  • Argao
  • Talisay City


  • Cebu-Bogo route:
    • Consolacion
    • Lilo-an
    • Compostela
    • Danao City
    • Carmen
    • Sogod
    • Bogo City
    • Medellin
    • Daanbantayan
    • Bantayan Isalnd
    • Camotes Island
  • Cebu – Balamban route:
    • Balamban
    • Asturias
    • Tuburan
    • Tabuelan
    • San Remegio


  • Sunburst chicken
  • Casa Verde
  • Moon Cafe
  • La Marea
  • La Vie Pariesienne
  • Larsian Barbecue
  • Siomai sa Tisa
  • Lechon haus: Rico’s, CnT, Zubuchon
  • Tuslub Buwa at Azul
  • Joed’s Lutong Hapon
  • Oriental SPice Gourmet
  • MexiMama
  • Kusina Uno
  • Dimsum House
  • Pungko-pungko in UV/UC
  • SuTuKil in Mactan
  • Lantaw Native Restaurant
    • SRP Branch (city view)
    • Cordova Branch (sea view)
    • Busay Branch (top view)


  1. I didn’t have an itinerary since I am from Cebu and  I’m on a vacation so time isn’t that important for me, lol I was just enjoying my stay
  2. Usually places aren’t that far from each other so it’s easy to jump from one place to the other just make sure you know where you’re going or what attraction you want to see
  3. If you’re from Manila then traffic in Cebu won’t cause you a problem
  4. If you’re coming from Manila and doesn’t know how to speak in Bisaya then I advised you to speak in English instead. Yes, we can understand Tagalog but we can’t communicate using the language very well
  5. Don’t fret when you see individuals walking in malls or elsewhere wearing a beach attire. Hey! We’re just chill like that, we don’t do dressing up that much so don’t forget to pack your favorite tees, shorts and slippers or sneakers
  6. There’s so many restaurants in town that you’d be confuse as to where to eat just be ready with your wallet, don’t worry it’s not as pricey as Manila although the restaurant looks so expensive outside ^_^
  7. When riding a jeepney make sure you know where to go and what jeepneys to ride since Cebu jeepney’s quite complicated better read the signboard in front or ask the driver and tell them the exact place you’d want to go 😀
  8. If you’re looking for a bus, well you can’t find one in the city. Buses are for provincial use only – to South and to North respectively
  9. Street signs in Cebu aren’t as visible as the one in Manila better do your research and look for landmarks of the said places for easy location
  10. If you’re into party, then visit Mango Avenue where most of the bars are located or at Liv Super Club in Mandaue. Don’t worry unlike in Manila you don’t have to have a reservation to get in to Cebu’s bars
  11. This isn’t new but be careful with pickpocketters, snatchers especially when you’re walking around Colon Street
  12. There’s so much to do in Cebu, but 4D/3N will do already just plan it out carefully as to where you want to go or simply GET LOST
  13. Feature image is owned by Apol, the one I’m with during my O-peak adventure

For more info’s, suggestions, ideas, or anything in mind don’t forget to leave a comment. Hopefully you’d enjoy my hometown as much as I am.


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