When in Sagada 2016-01

You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place

First day of the year 2016 and I found myself packing my things up. Indeed my adventure began and my wandering self was so happy! 🙂

12510305_10206454567860831_4896796400704503453_nWill be visiting the wonderful place of Sagada. Wooh! It’s been a year since my last visit.

A day before my adventure starts, weather in the Metro wasn’t good. It was raining all day and was thinking of not pushing it. Heard in the news as well that the weather out there was rainy and I knew it too well that if the weather there is rainy you can’t do all the activities plus you’ll be missing out the beautiful sunrise from Kiltepan or from the Marlboro Country. But morning of next day came, weather in the Metro’s moderate sunny already so it gave me more of an idea to push it. Thinking if the weather here is good then the weather there is good too though it clearly was not the same. Oh well… I still go with my instincts and push through with my adventure.

12241230_10206429654318008_483865156251176433_nCalled Ohayami bus since there was no operations for CODA Lines during that day, there was no reservations all I have to do is be there early to be able to get a seat. Arrived around 20:00 hoping I’d be able to save a seat for the 21:00 bus however the remaining seats where just on the center area so I opted to purchased the 22:00 bus. When the time came, hurriedly went inside the bus to find our seats however the seat assigned was in the center area and I was like, seriously? So I went to the counter and asked her about the seat assignments and if there’s a possible way she can transfer me to another seat. Good thing there’s still extra seats. Yayyy for me! **happy dance**

Arrived at Sagada and yes!! It was raining hard 😦 my wandering self was quite sad about it however it kind of gave me an excuse to treat myself from all the good food Sagada can offer. Hmmm.

The next day, Sunday time to go home. Took the same route but this time I opted to ride a jeepney going to Bontoc and yes I was at the top during my entire ride. From Bontoc, rode a van to Banaue though jeepney’s quite fine but this time I want to lesser my travel time. Soon as I arrived at Banaue went directly to Ohayami Trans terminal too bad the seats were fullybooked so we tried to negotiate with the ticketing and finally gave in and we now have slots for the 1845 bus.

While waiting for 1845, I decided to roam around Banaue. Took some photos. Go down the hill and up and dine in at a carinderia. Charged my phone at the store nearby the bus terminal until the 1845 bus was ready to take us to Manila.

My weekend experience was great though it’s really different from when I visited last year which isn’t rainy at all, still I’d choose to come back here again and again and again despite the weather as long as it’s safe to travel.

Basically these were the activities I did there since it was my 3rd time and was able to do all the activities before:

  1. Checked in at George Guest House
  2. Spend the day eating

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  3. Sleeping and watching tv
  4. Walk and roam around the streets of Sagada eventhough it was raining hard
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  6. Took few pictures


  • I took the Manila-Banaue-Sagada Route
    • Going to Banaue via Ohayami Trans fare is at 450/pax
    • contact #’s: +63927-6493055 (globe) and (02) 516-0501
    • no reservations as what the customer service told me but I guess you can check online to be sure Ohayami Trans
    • location: Fajardo St., Sampaloc Manila (no need to ride a tryc, it’s just 2 blocks away from the main road)
    • from Banaue I took a van to bring me to Sagada, fare is at 300/pax
  • You can take the Manila-Baguio Route but if it’s holiday season I’d rather choose the Banaue-Sagada Route 🙂 for more details on this you can check Mr. Google, I’m sure he can help you with your query since there are lots of posts regarding about Sagada.
  • Another way is to call CODA Lines and have yourself reserve a seat
    • contact #’s: +63927-5592197(globe) for Manila-Sagada reservations and +63936-9719216(globe) for Sagada-Manila reservations
    • Fare is at 720/pax
    • Better call 2-3 days before your scheduled trip and reserve a seat immediately once you arrived in Sagada
    • Their Manila location is somewhere inside St.Luke’s Hospital compound in Quezon City
    • This is the only bus that will take you from Manila straight to Sagada and back


  • I took the same route  however I passed by at Bontoc.
    • rode a jeep from Sagada to Bontoc (toploading it is), almost 30 minutes travel time from Sagada to Bontoc
    • fare is at 40/pax
    • from Bontoc, opted to ride a van going to Banaue instead of jeep again to lessen the travel time; fare is at 150/pax
    • Banaue to Manila via Ohayami Trans; fare at 450/pax still
  • You can take Sagada-Baguio route as well so you’ll not miss the highest point in the Philippine highway system – the Halsema Highway
  • Or take the CODA Lines again ^_^


1917143_944320425623330_686135075494794657_nIf you’re into trekking, spelunking, rock climbing, rapelling then this place is for you.

    • You can do the cave connections – Lumiang/Burial Cave and Sumaguing Cave
    • or the short course caving – Sumaguing Cave
    • you can check out the Balangagan Cave too
    • Sumayeng Twin Falls
    • Bomod-ok Falls
    • Pongas Falls
    • Bokong Falls
    • Eco tour
    • Adventure trail
    • Echo Valley Hanging Coffins
  4. for sunrise check out KILTEPAN
  5. for sunset check out LAKE DANUM
    • Mt. Ampacao Traverse
    • Grassy Land/Marlboro
    • Langsayan Danum Traverse
    • Mt. Sisipitan
    • Mt. Polis
    • Marlboro Hill
  7. check out MAINIT Hotspring
  8. They offer HORSEBACK Riding as well as Rock Climbing and Rappelling
  • for the rates please have yourself register at the information center upon arrival for only 35/pax, ask the officer-in-charge a copy of the Sagada map. They can help you look for accommodations as well as help you plan your itinerary if you don’t have one yet


  • Salt and Pepper
  • Lemon Pie  House
  • Yoghurt House
  • Bana’s Cafe
  • Strawberry Cafe
  • Kimchi House
  • Pinikpikan House
  • Gaia Cafe and Crafts
  • Sagada Brew
  • Bugnay Wine Refilling Station**



1st day

  • Day 0
    • 2200 – ETD to Banaue via Ohayami Bus
  • Day 1
    • 0610 – ETA Banaue

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    • 0845 – Arrived Sagada via van
    • 0900 – Breakfast at Salt and Pepper
    • 1030 – Checked in at George Guest House
    • 1200 – Roam around Sagada
    • 1620 – Dine at Yoghurt House
    • 1700 – Stopped by at Bugnay Wine Refilling Station
    • 1800 – Back to George Guest House
  • Day 2
    • 0800 – Woke up/Wash up
    • 1045 – Checked out
    • 1100 – Dine in at Bana’s Cafe
    • 1210 – ETD Bontoc via jeep

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    • 1238 – Arrived Bontoc
    • 1245 – ETD to Banaue via van
    • 0245 – ETA Banaue
      • roam around Banaue

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    • 1705 – Dine in at carinderia
    • 1800 – Back to Ohayami trans terminal
    • 1845 – ETD Manila
  • Day 3
    • 0400 – ETA Manila


  1. Fare:
    • Manila to Banaue via Ohayami – 450
    • Banaue to Sagada via van – 300
    • Sagada to Bontoc via jeep – 40
    • Bontoc to Banaue via van – 150
    • Banaue to Manila via Ohayami – 450
  2. Food:
    • Salt and Pepper
      • Daing+egg+rice – 100
    • Yoghurt house
      • soup – 50
      • yoghurt – 100
      • pasta marinara w/ eggplant and basil leaves – 180
    • Lemon Pie House
      • ordered a pan of it – 200
      • a slice of lemon pie – 30(2)
    • Fishballan
      • fishball – 3 for 2 pesos (5)
      • squid ball – 3
      • kikiam – 2
    • Bugnay Wine Refilling Station
      • took 2 half shots – 20(2)**
      • full shot – 40
    • Bana’s Cafe
      • daing+garlic rice+fruit – 140
      • extra rice – 30
      • vinaigrette salad – 150
    • Carinderia at Banaue
      • Chicken Curry – 50
      • Rice – 10(2)
      • pwet ng baboy half as Manang said – 25
  3. Accommodation:
    • George Guest House – 700 (since most of the lodging were fullybooked due to holiday season)
  4. Registration at Sagada – 35
  5. Cellphone charge at a store near Ohayami Trans terminal – 20

All in all expenses: P3,305

  • Transportation – 1,390
  • Food – 1,160
  • Accommodation – 700
  • Registration – 35
  • Charge – 20


  1. During this month Sagada is really cold so it’s best to bring your favorite sweatshirt, hoodies, your beanies and scarves as well as gloves if you’re body is really not into cold weather although it’s not bad to bring some shorts, skirts and sleeveless clothes long as you’re able to tolerate the weather and comfortable then you’re fine.
  2. Don’t forget to bring sneakers since the place is for trekking, you wouldn’t want to hurt your feet right.
  3. Bring slippers as well as your favorite toe socks.
  4. Don’t worry most of the accommodations there do have a hot & cold shower, you’re lucky if the thing is working then take advantage of it.
  5. If you’re into caving I suggest you bring a dry bag for your extra shirt and for your valuable things like cellular phones, money, camera to not get wet along the trail or a ziplock isn’t that bad too.
  6. Bet you wouldn’t want to miss the sunrise then have your alarm turn on to wake you up from your beautiful sleep from the cold weather.
  7. Bring extra money since it’s cold in there the weather is really good for foodtripping.
  8. You don’t have to be in a group to save yourself from paying high rates, there are other soloist out there don’t hesitate to approach and talk this might be a start of a good friendship.
  9. One of the best months to visit Sagada is December, every year they celebrate the bonfire festival that falls on the 28th and during this time most of the accommodations are fully booked I suggest before going reserve yourself an accommodation for hassle free upon arriving.

May this will help you plan out your Sagada trip 😀 Happy safe travels everyone! ^_-

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