My Pinatubo attempt

It was Friday night wherein the weather in the Metro wasn’t good. Heavy rain and floods near my area. My bag’s packed already with all the needed things. Did the laundry and was able to hear mass. Despite the heavy rain I was still very excited for my Saturday’s activity because this is my chance to check my bucketlist conquering Pinatubo.

Saturday comes, 19th December at early morning I was waiting for my companions to send me a sms however I didn’t received any or facebook message atleast, that was my HINT #1. Received the sms sometime 0300 in the morning and decided to push with the plan. Met up at Five Star Terminal at Pasay but when I arrived the bus going to Dagupan has just left, HINT #2. Yes, the rain’s still present but decided to look for other options. Went to Partas Terminal yet there’s no bus at all, then went to Victory Liner Terminal  and gladly the bus for Dagupan was still there. After buying the ticket for Capas, Tarlac, we were stopped by the conductor from going into the bus because we were part of the chance passenger(s), HINT #3. Prayed and lucky enough we’re able to ride the bus. Arrived at Capas, Tarlac and took a tricycle. Halfway almost the place for the 4×4 ride, the tricycle’s tire was flat, HINT #4. It was traffic as well due to the making of the bridge, so when we arrived to the said place the member from the tourism stopped us because it’s already cut-off perhaps due to the weather. If I trusted my instincts I wouldn’t have gone to the place but I took risk.

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That was supposed to be the day where my first ever climb will happened but due to certain circumstances my attempt of trekking Mt. Pinatubo failed.

Good to know I took the risk so decided to explore the place a bit, why not I am already there.

Went to Isdaan Floating Restaurant located at Gerona, Tarlac and spent most of my time there enjoying the restaurant’s theme park view. Stayed there for 4 hours and after, decided to check out San Fernando’s Giant Lantern Festival at Robinson’s mall.

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Although I wasn’t able to go and see the beautiful crater. I wasn’t able to do my 1st ever climb a mountain. Wasn’t able to check my bucketlist: Conquered Pinatubo. Got disappointed a little bit but I know He has his reasons why I wasn’t able to push it and I know in His time I’d be able to go back there and trek and witness the wonderful view of Mt. Pinatubo. Good thing I was brave enough to go, even though the plan didn’t go well I still enjoyed my day despite the weather condition.


0430 – ETD Capas, Tarlac via Victory Liner at Pasay

0715 -Arrived at Pacas,Tarlac

0755 – Tryke to 4×4 ride

0830 – Hitchride going back

0855 -Drop off at AFP ride jeep to Pacas main

0910 – Wait bus to Isdaan

0945 – Ride bus from Capas to Gerona (Isdaan)

1045 – Arrived at Isdaan restaurant

1445 – Leave Isdaan

1600 – Arrived at Mabalacat Terminal

1625 – Leave Mabalacat terminal

1720 – Arrived at Robinsons San Fernando, Pampanga

2115 – Leave Robinsons

2130 – Victory Liner terminal waiting

2148 – Leave San Fernando via Saulog Transit

2330 – Arrived Ayala, Makati



Pasay to Capas, Tarlac – 185/pax ac bus via Victory Liner

Capas to 4×4 ride – 300/tryke but was less by 50 due to some skills

AFP camp to Capas main – 25/pax jeepney

Capas to Isdaan – 40/pax non-ac bus via Five Star

Isdaan to Mabalacat terminal – 85/pax ac bus via North Solid lines

Mabalacat to Robinsons San Fernando – 30/pax non-ac provincial bus

Tryke to crossing (Victory Liner terminal from Robinsons) – 60/tryke

San Fernando to Ayala, Makati – 112/pax ac bus via Saulog Transit


Isdaan Resto – 500/head w/ tip

– Maanghang bakang pancit

– Tinupig na manok

– Rice


CR – 10/pax

Giant Lantern Fest t-shirt – 250 w/ yellow pass for the event and a guaranteed seat

Charging station Ministop – 20 for 40 minutes



1. Follow your instinct although it’s not bad to take a risk

2.Always check the weather of the place before going as it is different in other places, if you know someone from the place ask him/her

3. Be familiar of the place if not mobile data is useful during this kind of situation to give you ideas and suggesions to where to.

4. Going to Pinatubo is a bit pricey if you’re going alone so tag some friends or join some groups to lessen the expenses

5. There are so many things Tarlac can offer you not only Mt. Pinatubo

6. Going to Isdaan from Capas main, ride any bus having a Dagupan sign or ask if it’ll pass through Gerona as Isdaan itself isn’t well-known. They might take you to a fishing pond or a fish port. Hihi

7. Isdaan is a very big place, good for gatherings, for sure kids will enjoy the theme park view of the place. It has branches in Laguna and Talavera as well.

Happy safe travels everyone, hopefully I was able to help you.

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