Agyamanak Ilocos

Guess you know why I’m here writing again… and you’re right, my wandering self took me last weekend to 2 provinces of Region 1.

12341027_10206256035817654_7258736275460398769_nTo give you a brief detail of Region 1 or commonly known as Ilocos Region, it has 4 provinces namely Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Pangasinan and La Union. Almost 60% of its population speaks Ilocano/Ilokano.

Had my trip with my college mates partnering with Triostars TravelandTours. To give you a complete details of our tour, please see below:

ITINERARY (Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud)

Day 0 (Thursday)

2200 – ETD to Ilocos

 Day 1 (Friday)

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0534 – Arrived Ilocos Sur: Vigan (UNESCO world heritage, 7 wonders)

0600 – Breakfast: Hidden Garden Café

0730 – Leave café

0800 – Arrived at Baluarte

0830 – Leave Baluarte

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0843 – Bantay Church plus Bantay Belfry

0920 – Leave

1100 – Arrived Batac, Ilocos Norte

                **deathbed of Late Marcos

                **stop at atm machine

1200 – Lunch at Batac: Food Plaza

1230 – Done lunch

1250 – Arrived at Paoay: Saint Augustine Church or Paoay Church (UNESCO World Heritage)

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1320 – Leave Paoay

1350 – Malacañang of the North

1430 – Paoay Sand Dunes

1600 – Done; off to accommodation

1630 – Checked in at Paty Garden Inn

1830 – Leave base

1910 – Dinner: Rafael’s

1945 – Dinner finish

2000 – Stop at La Preciousa for some sweets

2010 – Off to Laoag Park; socials

12299366_10206261506474417_504205508770493857_n2040 – Leave Park

2100 – Back to Accom

2200 – Lights off; Rest

 Day 2 (Saturday)

0530 – Wake up/wash up

0600 – Breakfast c/o accommodation

0645 – Getting ready; prepare

0710 – Leave accommodation

0800 – Burgos lighthouse

0910 – Leave Lighthouse

0915 – Kapurpurawan Rock formation

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1040 – Leave Kapurpurawan

1100 – Bangui windmills

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1210 – Leave Bangui

1220 – Lunch: Kangkang’s windmill café

1310 – Leave Kangkang’s

1330 – Stopped at Pagudpud’s arch

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1400 – Stopped at Patapat Viaduct

1420 – Stopped at Bantay Abot Cave

1440 – Pagudpud beach

20151205_153935-011625 – Leave Pagudpud

12347662_10206261296229161_3905540151087821298_n1830 – Arrived at Laoag: Dinner at La Preciosa

2010 – Left Resto

2030 – Back to accommodation

2100 – Lights off; rest

 Day 3 (Sunday)

0600 – Wake up/wash up


0730 – Checked out

0820 – Back to Marcos deathbed (mausoleum)

11204020_10206269835202630_32512548461932925_n0855 – Stopped at Ilocos Norte Arch

1030 – Back to Vigan

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  **roam around Crisologo St

**souvenir shopping

1200 – Lunch at Café Leona

12316492_10206267777631192_4176682102003105136_n1300 – Lunch done

1310 – Leave Vigan

12347700_10206269834762619_8664237676886284936_n1340 – Stopped at Old Quirino Bridge

1940 – NLEX stopped: Dinner at KFC

2030 – Leave NLEX

2200 – Arrived MNL


  1. VAN c/o TRIOSTAR Traveland Tours for more info visit their facebook page at TRIOSTAR TravelandTours

**I recommend you our driver, Kuya Ryan (+63927.572.6065) – he’s bisaya, a native from Bukidnon, a very smooth driver and knows his ways on the road.

  1. ACCOMMODATION at Paty Garden Inn at Laoag c/o TRIOSTAR Traveland Tours but if you want more choices you can check Ilocos Norte List of Hotel/ Accommodations
  1. MEALS:


Hidden Garden Cafe at Vigan – 150 (longsilog (vigan longanisa and a choice of coffee or hot choco)

**set meals rate from 150-200/pax

2nd and 3rd day breakfast c/o Paty Garden (silog meals)


1st day: Food Plaza at Laoag – 112 (bagnet, rice, pakbet, enchelada)

**it’s a carinderia, lots of choices

2nd day: didn’t eat lunch, so full due to the empanada

3rd day: Cafe Leona at Vigan – 300/pax (bento box)

**fine dining restaurant, a bit pricey


1st day: Rafael’s at Laoag – 37 (fish fillet and rice)

**lots of choices, food’s delicious

2nd day: La Preciosa at Laoag – 350/pax since we had sharing and we include Kuya Ryan as well

3rd day: KFC at NLEX stop over – 99 (1 pc chicken w/ soup)


1st day:

a slice of Mango cheesecake at La Preciosa – 100

330ml bottled water – 12

2nd day:

20151205_103413Empanada at Kapurpurawan – 50/pax

  1. SITES:

Bantay Church – no fee, donation only

Malacañang North – 30/pax

Paoay Sand Dunes – 500/pax (4×4 ride plus sandboarding)

Kapurpurawan Rock Formation – 15/pax

Blue Lagoon Beach, Pagudpud – 20/pax

CR at Pagudpud – 10/pax


Ref Magnet at Bangui – mini-windmill 5pcs for 100 plus 2

Key Chains at Vigan – 3pcs for 25(2)

Vigan shirts – colored/black at 150, white at 100 bought 2 shirts black and white (250)


  • Agyamanak – Thank you
  • Good morning – Naimbag a bigat
  • Good afternoon – Naimbag a malem
  • Good evening – Naimbag a sardam
  • How much? – Sagmamano daytoy?
  • Where is.. – Sadino ti…
  • Ay-ayatin ka – I love you
  • Sarabo – Arrival
  • Paoit – Departure
  • Iduron – Push
  • Guyoden – Pull

COMMUTING TO ILOCOS: haven’t tried this one yet but I researched some of the possible buses that will take you from Manila to Ilocos, for more details you can contact them, if not try googling it as well.

  • Dominino Lines Manila – 741-4146
  • Fariñas – 732-4507
  • GV Florida – 781-5849
  • Maria de Leon – 09167172545 & 09093449661
  • Partas – 743-3242
  • RCJ Bus Lines – 741-2994
  • Viron Transit – 741-6588


  1. If you’re doing the ILOCOS TOUR better stay at Laoag as it’s the middle and accessible as well

  2. Perhaps you’ll be disappointed with VIGAN because it just looked ordinary but for me it’s beautiful, good thing they still preserved the old-style look in their buildings

  3. You can tour VIGAN via CALESA (horse-drawn carriages) or tricycle or you can rent a bicycle as well

  4. Food specialty in ILOCOS are Bagnet, Morcon (embutido), longanisa and its empanada (can be considered a full meal: rice powder, longaniza, egg and plus more ingredients)

  5. PAGUDPUD’S beach is not advisable to swim as the waves are strong, but if you’re a SURFER and would love to play with the waves then don’t forget to bring your surfboards

  6. Make sure your camera’s ready as well as the memory of your phone and your battery’s fully charged or bring a powerbank with you the sceneries worth taking a picture

  7.  Bring some snacks along the way as the travel time’s quite long

  8. There’s no clubs at LAOAG so if you’re into it then stay at VIGAN then.

  9. You can buy SALT and GARLIC, they produces plenty of it, not sure as to when is the DRAGON FRUIT season but ILOCOS has it too.

  10. SHOES comes in handy during the SAND DUNES activity

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