Baler hits

It’s long weekend , thank you and my wandering self is so happy to explore again but before the long weekend came, I was fighting myself where to go. Can’t decide. I meant it’s so hard to decide where to go especially I’m on a tight budget. Was reading from my social media sites and blogs a week before hoping I’d get ideas from it to where to spend my long weekend.
Read a post on my timeline, a group of random people was in need of one more individual to fill the spot. Messaged and asked about their itinerary and possible expenses and it’s quite cheap though. Didn’t decide yet ‘cos I heard there’s a 3-days music festival at La Union. I badly wanted to go to La Union and from that moment I decided to go there instead. 😀 I tried couchsurfing hoping I’d get a host from the said place, unfortunately the luck’s not on my side. Posted in the site as well, looking for solo travelers like me who plans to go to La Union and thankfully I found two however as I read about the Tinukib festival, it’s 3-days and will be held at Anawangin Cove, Zambales. I was thinking if I go to La Union and attend the music fest I don’t think the 2 travelers will attend the festival so opted not to but then I realized what am I going to do there? Read blogs and it’s not cheap as you think it is. I hurriedly message the person and inquire about the said post regarding the trip and if the last slot was still available and yes  this time luck’s on my side. Wohoo!
I decided to go with them and messaged the 2 travelers that I won’t be pursuing La Union hoping I get to go and travel with them soon. Praying for it though. ^_^
Now here’s my long weekend story, hoping you’ll be inspired to visit the place. This is one of my checklist and I’ve met a new set of individuals that I may go travel with SOON.
Day 1

0000 – ETD to Baler

0545 – 1st stop: Baler church
0630 – breakfast at Triple B-ma
0700 – left carinderia
0730 – 2nd stop: Bayan ng San Luis brgy Nonong for “Ditumabo Mother Falls”
0747 – Arrived at the entrance to Ditumabo falls, due to bad weather we weren’t allowed to trek to the main falls. Took some photos and left.
0840 – Back to parking at Brgy Nonong
0920 – 3rd stop: Caunayan falls
1030 – left Caunayan falls
1110 – LUNCH. Back to town.
12310585_10206238458978244_8526530743492633658_n1150 – finish lunch
1220 – 4th stop: Museo de Baler and Bahay ni Aurora
1320 – Checked in at Bahay ni Niñas (accommodation)
1540 – 5th stop: Surfing time. Lesson at Bay’s Inn
1700 – Finish surfing, back to base; wash up.
1800 – Buffet dinner at Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay
12321283_10206238486818940_2183288959176660706_n1920 – Left resto
2000 – Back to base: Socials
2200 – Lights off, rest

Day 2

0430 – Wake up/wash up
0500 – Leave base
0545 – 1st stop: Ampere beach Dipaculao for the sunrise

0630 – Leave Dipaculao
0705 – 2nd stop: Hanging Bridge at Zabali
20151130_072553-010730 – Leave Zabali
0815 – 3rd stop: Ditumabo again, 2nd attempt but no chance at seeing the falls.
12316067_10206238534540133_5881652938364125940_n0830 – Back to town: Breakfast at Bentelogan sa Parke
0910 – 4th stop: Ermita hill, Zabali
1000 – Leave Ermita hill
1010 – 5th stop: Lukso-Lukso Islets and Digisit beach
12341137_10206238529019995_6424378717086412269_n1035 – Leave Lukso-Lukso
1045 – 6th stop: Diguisit falls
1130 – Leave Diquisit falls
12234896_10206239030192524_7020905033843392563_n**passed through the lighthouse and Anaio islets
1200 – Back to base; wash up, getting ready for check out
1310 – Checked out accom: Bahay ni Niña’s
1320 – Back to town: Souvenir hopping
1400 – Stop at palengke for more pasalubong
1420 – LUNCH at Yolly’s Ihaw2 (not recommendable)
1500 – Leave Baler
1525 – 7th stop: Balete Tree, Ma. Aurora
1600 – Leave Parque de Ronquillo (balete tree)
1950 – Stop over at La Paz, Tarlac **cr break
2000 – Left tarlac
2245 – Arrived manila
Van – 1,000/pax Mnl-Baler-Mnl contact Kuya Ariel at +639478927002 (very nice and accommodating)
Accommodation at Bahay ni Niña’s – 410/pax
**from 5,000 we got it at 4,100 and divided by 10.
Triple B-Ma – 50 **rice, egg and beefsteak
Bentelogan sa Parke – 40 **hotsilog but large hotdog
Carinderia near park – 85
**liempo – 120 shared it by fellow traveler
**rice – 15
Yolly’s Ihaw-ihaw – 95
**liempo – 160 shared it by fellow traveler
**rice – 15
Buffet dinner at Chef Gerry’s Picnic Bay 200/pax w/ ice tea
Dirty Ice cream at Museo de Baler – 20
Ice cream at Alfonso’s – 15
Toron w/ langka at Ermita Hill – 5(2)
Buko Juice – 20
**choices of 10, 15, 20
Shirt – 150(2) = 300
Suman – 100 for 21pcs
  1. Mother Falls
  • In going there, need to ride a tryke – 200/tryke back&forth max of 3 persons
  • 30/pax entrance to the falls
  • no entrance fee for us cos we weren’t able to go to the main falls, and we only paid 100 for the tryke cos they knew that no one can enter the Mother Falls but they didn’t stop us.
  1. Caunayan Falls
  • 20/pax entrance
  • 200/cottage
  • we only pay the entrance; we didn’t get a cottage; kids entrance is 10
  1. Museo de Baler and Aurora House
  • 30/pax
  1. Surfing lesson at Bay’s Inn
  • 300/pax (lesson + board for 1 hour; they lend you rashguard if you don’t have and provide a certificate as well)
  1. Hanging Bridge – no entrance fee, just donation box
  2. Lukso-lukso islets and Dagisit Beach
  • 20/pax but we got it for 10/pax only at DeLa Torre Resort
  • for more inquiry call or text 09205096849, heard they offer cheap accommodation(s)
  1. Balete Tree – 10/pax
 ***The rest, no entrance fee


  1. There are other ways to go to Baler and if you want to commute you can ride Genesis Transport in Cubao – you can choose from the a/c daily buses or enjoy the luxury trip via Genesis’ Joy Bus. For updated rates and time schedule contact Genesis Transport at (02) 709 0545

  2. Bring something to munch while you’re on the road, 6 hours travel is quite long even if you’re used to it and if you’re the easily-dizzy-type of individual bring candies, medicines or anything that will help you stay calm

  3. When you’re going to a falls ALWAYS bring extra t-shirt and shorts with you plus towel for you to change and keep you dry while going to the next destination and you wouldn’t want to sit with your clothes wet, also be kind enough to the driver if you’re just renting it, e.g Diguisit Falls doesn’t have a CR so a towel comes in handy

  4. Bikinis are good but it’s not recommendable when you’re out there surfing, it may hurt you. Bring rashguard(s) along with you for your safety.

  5. Bring trash bags with you for your wet clothes and for your trash too while trekking on the falls you might spot garbage(s) along the way. Let’s all help preserve our Mother Nature.

  6. Talk to the locals, ask them, it’s one way of knowing more about the place you visit  and its people beyond internet has written.

  7. Yes, Baler is known for its surfing spot but there’s more to Baler than just surfing. There are number of falls to visit and enjoy, it’s cultural heritage is tangible, their foods a must try, its people are very warm

  8. If you love walking then this one’s for you.. the places are just walking distance like the town, church, public market, museum, terminal, souvenir shops, restaurants


“Take Nothing but Pictures, Leave Nothing but Footprints, Keep Nothing but Memories, Kill Nothing but Time”


Happy safe travels everyone!! See you on the roads ♥

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