Calaguas Adventure on APEC Holiday

It’s that time that Philippines is hosting a big event, APEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Corporation) summit to be exact. Thank you to our government and being part of Metro Manila we were granted to a 2-days holiday for the said event. YESSS!!!
With the coming holidays at first I planned on going home, Cebu however the flights were cancelled so instead of rebooking my flight I opted not to and get the full refund. Hihi and started surfing the net looking for ideas what to do during those days. I spotted a post on facebook that they need individuals to go with them on their trip. At first, I was hesitant to  join so I asked the organizer if they still have a spot left, good thing there was. From then, I decided to just go with them, why not? New place, new adventure and new friends as well.
I grab the spot as it says it’ll just cost me 2,500 all in. I was wondering how that happens when during my time searching through google going to Calaguas is quite pricey but hey! I had my share of asking as well so here’s the itinerary we did during the trip and the estimated breakdown of expenses. Hope this will help you decide to grab your backpack and visit the island.
Day 0 – November 17
2230 – Meet up at Robinson’s forum
**waiting for everyone to arrive
2330 – Leave Boni to Alabang to pick-up the remaining persons
**due to the summit, there was a heavy traffic. It took hours to move from Boni to Alabang
Day 1 – November 18
0130 – Arrived at Alabang, picked up the remaining 2
0145 – ETD to Calaguas Island
0600 – Arrival at Jollibee – Lopez, Quezon to eat breakfast
0700 – Leave Lopez, Quezon to Calaguas Island
1030 – Arrival at Paracale
**proceed to Paracale Market to buy our foods and everything else we need
1145 – ETD boat ride to Calaguas Island
FB_IMG_14480024291031430 – ETA Calaguas Island
FB_IMG_1448006375260**prepare things; start cooking for lunch, free time
1930 – Dinner time
2030 – Free time, wash up
2100 – Rest
Day 2 – November 19
0530 – Wake up/ wash up
0545 – Start trek to Mt. Tinago to witness the sunsrise
FB_IMG_1448200083101**the trail is not long and it’s easy to trek
12241267_10206181225667447_3491696252569020209_nFB_IMG_14480025994000600 – Arrived at the summit
0800 – Back to camp
FB_IMG_144801130866312219353_10206181229147534_8835691128677741801_n0900 – Free time, beach time
1000 – Breakfast
1100 – Pack up
FB_IMG_14480034460601145 – Leave Calaguas Island
FB_IMG_14480034974041215 – Arrival at Kinastilyuhan Island (sidetrip island hopping)
FB_IMG_14480114095611330 – Leave Kinastilyuhan Island
FB_IMG_14480024184221445 – ETA at Paracale
**wash up at Ate’s house (forgot the name)
1715 – Leave Paracale
1800 – Stop at Lobatib Labo since we had INC members and need to attend mass;
Decided to stay for Dinner as well at a BBQ haus
12249939_10206181236987730_2795848224312534261_n1950 – Leave Lobatib, Labo
2010 – Stop for pasalubong
2030 – ETD bound to Manila
Day 3 November 20
0233 – Stop at Laguna to drop by the 2
0315 – Drop off at Magallanes; road a jeep going home
0330 – Arrived home
Estimated Expenses:
Bus to Lobatib, Labo – P480/pax c/o DLTB Co.
Public bus going to Paracale – estimated rate P100/pax
Boat ride going to Calaguas Island from Paracale – P400/pax
Island hopping – P500/island/pax
A pail of water – P10
Boat fee
**P4,000/boat roundtrip (10-19 persons)
**P2,500/boat roundtrip (2-9 persons)
Tent – P350
Others and tips – P100
Contact Person:
Kuya Mario Salen – +63912 – 3384870
Kuya Mario’s daughter – +63908-5404188
**He’s very accommodating and very good. He’ll assist you whenever you need him. He gives lesser price from other caretakers. Trust me.
**Before leaving Paracale to Calaguas island vice cersa, make sure to change into your swimming attire for the currents are high that’ll wash you up
**Don’t forget to bring goggles to protect your eyes; seawater’s very salty
**Bring tent with you to save you and flashlight cos there’s no electricity on the island
**Bring trash bags for your wet clothes, to save your bag from the tides, and for your trash since you’re going on an island trip no one’s gonna clean your mess aside from yourself, let us be a responsible camper
**It is a remote island, it mean no network signal, say good bye to your loved ones at Paracale for they can’t contact you depend on your days of stay at the island
** Water – you can rent big gallons of water in Paracale for around P50(check a water refilling station near the market) just that you need to add deposit P200. They will return it once you return the container to them perfectly
**Bring eating utensils with you, like plate, mug/cup, spoon/fork although these things are available in the market however I advised you to bring your own and not those disposable ones as well as kitchen utensils such as knife, scissors…
**you can ask the caretaker to buy you food and cook it for you… just don’t forget to give him/her a tip
**The island’s not yet commercialized so enjoy while it’ll last and don’t expect to have activities like Boracay, only island hopping and swimming and of course interaction with new found friends.
Happy travels campers!

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