Heading to Cagbalete Island? Think Again.

Was wondering to myself over the past few days what it feels like to be a weekend wanderer. And guess what? Last weekend Saturday, 14 November 2015 my wandering self brought me to Cagbalete Island situated in Mauban, Quezon.

To those who are planning to visit the island, here’s my full itinerary hope it’ll help you during your planning. Don’t hesitate to comment back, I’d appreciate your messages.

Day 1

0300 – ETD to Lucena Grand Terminal via JAC Liner 209.50/pax
0600 – ETA at Lucena terminal; transfer to another bus going to Mauban, Quezon
0630 – ETD to Mauban, Quezon 54/pax **there are barkers and signs that will lead you to the right bus
0745 – ETA at Mauban, Quezon

Since it’s too early and basing from what I researched the public boat will leave the port around 1000 so I decided to walk from the bus terminal to the tourism office to register and pay for the environmental fee. It’s about 5-10 mins walk.

**registration fee 50/pax
**environmental fee 50/pax

After paying, I walked again from there to the port. Quick stop at Kastilyo’s statue to take some photos.
It’s a 5-10 mins walk from the registration area to the port. Depends on your pace. It’s quite far when you look at it but it’s not however, if you’re lazy to walk you can take a tricycle starting from the terminal to the port estimated rate is 100/trike

1000 – ETD to Cagbalete Island
1100 – ETA at the island

Planning to do walk-ins in all beach resorts and do the comparing however it’s not the same as boracay wherein the resorts are just side by side so it’s quite hard. Decided to walk and the kids accompanied us even if we don’t want them.

If you don’t want to walk you can ride a boat going to the beach resort, no puddles of water to pass through.

Boat price:
2-3 pax is 1,500
8-10 pax is 4,000

Ended up at Villa Noe Beach, a 20-30 minutes walk from the port of Cagbalete Island

Eco-room – P1,200 (2-3 pax)
Tent **not water proof** – P800 (2-3pax)

As much as the weather’s concern, tent’s not good to use.

Electricity in the island is from 1800-0600 next day.

Villa Noe is far from Bonsai Island where the sandbars located so we hired a boat P1500 (3-4pax)

1400 – ETD from Villa Noe
1500 – ETA at Bonsai Island

Stayed there for almost 2 hours then back to Villa Noe..
Everything here has a price, I meant everything. Not exactly sure if you experience what I experience but hopefully NOT.

Kitchen utensils – P100
Charcoal – P75

You have to give tips to people whenever they offer you to buy you something so make sure you have a change with you, or not just don’t accept their offers. Good thing I brought all the things I needed for the trip.

Day 2

Stayed at the room due to heavy rain.

1100 – started walking from Villa Noe to the port
1200 – ETD to Mauban port (50/pax boat fee)
1330 – ETA Mauban port

Walked from port to terminal 5-10mins.

1400 -ETD to Lucena Terminal (54/pax bus fee)
1530 – ETA Lucena terminal

Stop at jollibee to buy something

1600 – ETD to Manila (210/pax bus fare DTLB Co.)
1930 – ETA Buendia, PNR station


**don’t visit the island during rainy season cos there’s nothing much to do
** say NO when you don’t want to be guided or when someone offers you to buy something, you’ll be oblige to pay them
**bring the necessary things, if you plan on cooking at the island bring charcoal with you to minimize the expenses and if you have a tent, bring it as well, it’s way cheaper
**looking for a very WHITE sand, then the place is not for you, seagrass beds are all over and the stones are sharp so be careful
**low tide in its finest, so those who are not good swimmers then this place is for you.

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