DIY – Coron, Palawan

Hi I am sharing you my itinerary during my trip to the amazing Coron, Palawan last October 30-November 2, 2015. Hope this will help you. If you have suggestions, comments please let me know.

Day 0
1520 – ETD Busuanga
1640 – ETA Coron (check in at Apartelle de Gabrielle *ADG)
1705 – off to Mt. Tapyas (no entrance fee; make sure to bring water with you cos you’re going to take 750+ steps up)

view from Mt. Tapyas
entrance fee Maquinit Hotspring

1830 – proceed to Maquinit Hot Spring (200/pax entrance fee; 300 RT tricycle)
2030 – Dinner at Lolo Nonoy’s1611004_10206093299629351_3887058129771459096_n

Day 1
0600 – Wake up/ Wash up
0630 – Breakfast (c/o ADG; 150 set meals)12187849_10206093520314868_6188088095956009227_n
0930 – Start of island tour A c/o JY travel & tours
CYC beach (Coron Youth Club Beach)12208371_10206093520634876_1255295441581701972_n
Coral Garden12115683_10206096596391768_3975972126666222760_n
Sunset beach (lunch)12063425_10206093542435421_2028224276600174703_n
Green Lagoon11140112_10206093528875082_1130048514301839284_n
Kayangan Lake12063532_10206093533595200_1590215553572699876_n
1705 – back to port; off to ADG to wash up 10/pax tricycle fare)
1830 – Dinner at La Sirenetta12072617_10206093563795955_8175766510313692693_n

Day 2
0600 – Wake up/ Wash up
0730 – breakfast
0900 – start with tour C c/o JY travel &tours
Bulog dos Island11039054_10206093598596825_5360592121104237354_n12187739_10206093595756754_612990884426137258_n

Banana Island (lunch)12193436_10206093596476772_7973746030658743144_n12195920_10206093599276842_145237957515628053_n

1898285_10206093601876907_5324496760358910156_n Malcapuya Island
Twin Lagoon (additional to the tour package; 100/pax fee for additional island tour)12196261_10206093607797055_716655974696384925_n
1830 – back to port; proceed to ADG to wash up
2100 – dinner at Big Mamas

Day 3
0600 – Wake up/wash up
0800 – breakfast
0830 – DIY tour (the town is small; if you’re into walking then this will be a good exercise for you)
City tour
Souvenir shop
1000 – back to ADG; rest and prepare things
1030 – lunch at ADG
1100 – head to airport
1525 – ETD Manila (flight delayd for 3 hours)
1645 – ETA Manila

Food – set meals are from 130-190/pax or go by sharing then if you’re in a group; most likely you’re just going to spend on dinner because breakfasts are free on your hotel accommodation and lunch (semi-buffet) goes with the tour packages

For the budget:
You can always get a cheaper lodging, food and guide.
lodging starts from 450/night
food – 130-190/set meals
guide – includes on the tour if you’re a joiner
tour packages ranges from 650-2,400/pax depends on what tour you’re going to choose

1. If you’re riding Sky Jet airline please allot your 1st day on the ETD itself cos they just move your flight schedule from time to time so it won’t destroy your itinerary
2. If you’re into Do-It-Yourself and making taking risks, go to the tour agencies the night before the tour to reserve and check on what package you are free to join, they usually close around 2100.
3. Wear aqua shoes, corals are everywhere even in shallow waters to not disturb the animals under the sea
4. If you don’t have snorkeling gear, better borrow/rent to where you’re staying for it’s cheaper rather than renting at the pier.
5. If you’re alone don’t worry, there’s a guide to take a picture of you… also you’ll meet new people that’ll help you take picture as well and tadang! most likely will be your friend too.

As for my part, my total expenses was less than 8,000PhP, breakdown below:

  • 500+ – RT ticket fare got it from Skyjet sale
  • 12PhP – bus fare from Mayapis to Baclaran
  • 8PhP – Baclaran to Nichols
  • 5,500PhP – for the accommodation and tour package at Apartelle de Gabrielle
  • 30PhP – bottled water at Mt. Tapyas
  • 200PhP – dinner at Lolo Nonoys
  • 10PhP – tricycle from Lolo Nonoys to ADG
  • 150PhP – snorkeling gear rent for the 1st day tour
  • 10PhP – tricycle from port to ADG
  • 165PhP – dinner at La Sirenetta
  • 10PhP – tricycle from La Sirenetta to ADG
  • 100PhP – snorkeling gear rent at ADG for 2nd day tour
  • 10PhP – tricycle from port to ADG
  • 235PhP – dinner at Big Mamas
  • 10PhP – from Big Mamas to ADG
  •  150PhP – hopia pasalubong bought at Central Bakery
  • 175PhP(2) – souvenir shirts
  • 35PhP(6) – coin purse pasalubong
  • 100PhP – terminal fee
  • 100PhP – taxi from airport to house

If I were to travel again, I won’t get a tour package but I will do it on my own. It’s way cheaper.

Anyway, happy travels everyone! See you on the road. 🙂

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