Many first time travelers are often concerned about traveling solo especially females. I’ve read countless of questions on the said subject; even my friends are asking me how I did it? Why I do solo traveling I mean yes it is fun traveling with your friends or groups but nothing as amazing as to when you are on the road on your own. So if you’re planning on solo traveling anytime soon PLAN AHEAD. Do much of a RESEARCH. READ BLOGS. For sure MR. GOOGLE can be a big help to that. WAIT PATIENTLY for airfare discounts. SORT everything you want and not. Make a journal, a LIST all the possible places you want to visit and things you bring. OBSERVE and LISTEN carefully to your surroundings.

To all beginners and fellow travelers below are some of the PROS and CONS I’ve observed during my solo travels whether it be local or international.


  •  Learn more about yourself – GROW
  • Boosting your inner confidence – becoming INDEPENDENT
  • Meeting new people, strangers at first that eventually turns into friends
  • You are free as much as you allow yourself to be – you hold your time
  • You can learn new language as well as new culture
  • Your decision skills will be tested
  • You find out you can do things that you thought you’d be too afraid to do alone
  • You’ll turn yourself into a storyteller
  • You’ll become flexible – adjusting to people, time..


  • Hella expensive especially food and accommodation – read and research well
  • Too risky – you never know the dangers on the road
  • The loneliness you feel – no one to talk to or can go with you when facing your fears
  • No one can take your picture
  • It’s a burden – no one to share so you’ll carry them all by your own
  • Language barrier – when one do not know how to speak English

I say the PROS and CONS listed are self-explanatory so no need for me to explain further. I’m not against traveling by groups but for my part I’d rather choose traveling solo for it can give you the best of both worlds… so many options to choose from. Just be careful because there are so many bad guys out there as much as good.

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain

Just a tip: for beginners traveling solo, why don’t you start at your own area first. Discover what your place can offer to the world and to other travelers as well. I for one, I’m from the Philippines and I have 7,107 islands to go and discover, amazing isn’t it? So.. Go out. Move. and get your bags ready, PACK LIGHT and NEVER AFRAID TO TRY. 🙂

For additional Infos, suggestions please do leave a comment. Happy traveling pal! ^_~

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