Jhamatuan — the one of a kind street artist

Remember her?

After work, as I was walking my way to the unit I saw her. Yessss!! Finally after weeks of waiting for her outside the street I finally was able to talked to her. That’s right. I was able to talked to the “Beggar Art” whose name is Jhalani… not really sure if I spelled her name right but that’s how she said it.

She’s Jhalani Amatuan and she’s from Iloilo. That’s the only details I got from her,

.I approached her nicely and asked her about her art and how much the price of each. Her work costs from 15PhP – 150PhP each. She uses oil pastel as her drawing medium. She was irritated at the two street boys because they were doing the sleep act in front of her drawings and because of them no one will go and buy her works. How cute of her, right? But it’s true, she’s afraid maybe just maybe no one will bother to buy it.

Sad to say I haven’t taken one picture from her because she’s so  sick of individuals buying her art and took her photos. She doesn’t like that. She stops drawing if she feels someone’s going to take a picture of her or ask her if they can get a picture of her. She’s terrified of it.

She’s telling me that she was featured at some show and blogs. Like wow! She knew already that she’s getting the spotlight and she acted humbly about it.

I really wanted to talk to her more but I was exhausted from work so I promised her that I will see her in the morning and we’ll exchange our individual works — I meant today but haven’t seen her awhile ago so hoping after my work today I get to see her and be able to share my works with her as well as hoping that I’d get a picture of her too.

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