Endless Summer

It’s that time of the year again, wherein me and my cousins booked a trip to Boracay. 🙂

This has become our yearly tradition as you call it.

As a corporate slave, I only have few days to be excuse from work so I booked my ticket during the weekends. Sad to say, I know but what can I do? If I won’t work then I don’t have money to pay for my trip. Lol

So my flight was on Thursday, 30th of July via Cebu Pac to Kalibo. Arriving at Kalibo Airport around 6 in the evening and booked myself to “Southwest Travels” for my transportation to Caticlan and to the island as well.

It’s my first time to booked with Southwest Travels, I paid 550 PhP for the bus and the boat transfer to Boracay island plus the terminal and environmental fees which is quite expensive but it’s okay for I was tired from work. Arriving on the island, I rented a tricycle for 100 PhP from jetty port to the Alice in Wonderland where me and my two cousins will be staying.

The place has a promo of 800 PhP + 12% VAT per night. As always, their staffs were accommodating enough too bad there’s a curfew already I meant was the usage of their pool is only until 10 in the evening as well as their bar, though even before their bar closes at 10PM.

Basically, our travel was so routinary. Sleep. Walk. Eat. Walk. Swim. Walk. Eat. Party. Walk.

Nothing new because I visited the island several times already except for my cousin Rina, so we didn’t made an itinerary but we didn’t fail to visit the Puka Beach this time.

Tricycle fare is 50 Php per person from Station 2 to the Puka Beach. It’s quite far so walking is a NO-NO. The beach was solemn. Perfect location to relax and chill unlike at the White Beach which was a bit crowded already.

But all in all, Boracay will always be a paradise to me.

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