2015 DIY Tagaytay (Eid Mubarak)

Last Friday, 17th of July was the end of Ramadan (Eid Mubarak) which means no work/classes in the Philippines. Hooray!! ^_^

Me and my 2 girl friends with their boyfriends decided to ditch the city and took a trip to Tagaytay. So yes, I am definitely 5th wheeling them. Ahihi.

Our call time was supposed to be 8am however due to my laziness I arrived 30 minutes late at Buendia LRT-Taft. And off we go. πŸ˜€

First stop was at Nuvali, Sta. Rosa Laguna. It was too early in the morning so we feed the fishes. Christian brought the food fish for all of us five. Not so sure how much it costs.

Nuvali is a nice place to hang, chill or go biking. The place offers stores and good restaurants to choose from the inexpensive to expensive ones. There’s also a spot for wakeboarding if you’re into it which I don’t know the price.

After feeding the fishes, we drove our way to Tagaytay. Next spot is the Sky Ranch:

Entrance fee for adults is 80PhP while kids is at 50PhP. You can find not only rides but souvenir shops as well as food stands too. The ride(s) ranges from 100PhP-200PhP except for the zipline which is 500PhP.

We tried the zipline and the vikings ride too bad we don’t have pictures taken during our rides. πŸ˜”

Our morning was filled with rides, and our stomachs were calling for food so we headed to Mahogany Market. It’s not just cheap but the food’s great too. It’s not so far from Sky Ranch. We dine in at Len’s kitchenette… don’t forget to call your minions because bananas are free. Hihi

After the heavy lunch… we proceed to our next destination which is The Puzzle Mansion.

In going there don’t forget to look the signs at the lower right because it’s too small that got us lost good thing there’s that waze application that helped us get right to our track.

Above pictures was the certificate given by the Guiness book of records and me with the biggest puzzle.

There were two wishing wells, one is downstairs before entering the puzzle room and the other one is upstairs, upon exiting the said place. Don’t forget to drop a coin and wish, you wouldn’t mind givig it a try right? πŸ˜‰

After roaming around looking all those puzzles inside, we got tired and had our little puzzle formation contest.

The entrance to the puzzle mansion is 100PhP. There are souvenirs (t-shirts, mugs, puzzles) for you to buy. Don’t forget to try the coconut pie, 1 slice cost 60PhP.

The place has a place for you to stay but not sure of how much is the accommodation rates you can call them at (02) 425 5195 for more details.

If you are into picnics then our next place is the one for you, Tagaytay’s Picnic Grove. Entrance to the said place is 50PhP. You can go horse back riding, kite flying, ziplining, running around with your friends or family, eat together. There are souvenir shops and food stands but it’s best if you bring your own food to enjoy the place.

Our last stop was at People’s Park in the Sky. As history can tell, it used to be own by Marcos and when revolution took place the place was taken for granted. Entrance fee is 20PhP, there are food stalls inside. Also, don’t forget to taste Ate’s togue. One of the best I tasted.

After People’s Park, we headed on our way back to Manila using the shortcut road however I’d like to remind the motorists to not pass the shortcut if you’re not an employee of Ayala because the exit to the shortcut is on Nuvali and guards are so strict.

Last stop is at Nuvali. Dine in at Blue Corner near the isdaan and that was our itinerary so far. Next stop it is! πŸ˜…πŸ˜„β€

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