DIY Boracay

Summer is here, I’m sure you too would like to visit the Summer Capital of the Philippines – Boracay!! To all new visitors of the island here’s how.

In getting to the island.. there are two airports that caters Boracay-bound passengers.

from Kalibo – this requires a lot of time because it is 2 hours away from the jetty port. You can take a bus or van from there. The rate costs from 200-250.

from Caticlan – just 15 minutes away from the jetty port. You can just walk if you’re not that lazy enough.

A little reminder ticket fare straight to Kalibo is cheaper than that of Caticlan, but if you don’t want to sit on the bus/ van for 2 hours then I suggest you purchase ticket straight to Caticlan.

Upon arrival at the jetty port, proceed to the booths near the entrance to the building if not mistaken it’s at the left side of it and settle the following payments:

Terminal Fee – P100

Environmental Fee – P75

Ferry Fare – P25

After settling all the payments, you can go inside the building and wait at the Passenger Waiting Area for the boarding announcement.

Another reminder, when you come from Kalibo and ride a van going to the jetty port, some van fares are inclusive of the Ferry Fare already.

After boarding the ferry boat the island,  you will dock at Station 3. From there, there are tricycles waiting already. It’s either you’ll ride and wait for other passengers to ride so the tricycle will be full and can go or you will pay the tricycle as a wholesale and take you to the front steps of your hotel.

Activities to do in Boracay:

Para-Sailing (1000/pax)

Wind Surfing (3000-6000/hr/lesson)

Stand up Paddle (SUP)

Sail (Paraw)/ Kayak

Scuba Diving (16000-20000/course)

Helmet Diving (300/pax)

Island hopping (1500/boat)


Trek Mt Luho via motorcycle or ATV (300/pax)

Drive around town using motorcycle (200-600/pax)

There are adventure packages that will be offered there, make sure you’ll be ready with your haggling skills.

There are a lot of restaurants as well of your choice from fast food chains to the fanciest restaurants in the island. For sure you won’t get bored. You can go buy souvenirs too at D’Mall or D’Talipapa e.g P100 for 10 key chains or it depends on your choices.

Whether you plan the trip ahead of time or not. Budgeted or not I assure you that you’ll enjoy because the island itself has so much to offer. Enjoy your stay and happy beaching fellas! ^_^

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