Boracay Baby

It’s summer time already in the Philippines. As a girl who grew up in an island, visiting beaches during the time is quite a tradition especially me who is from Cebu where going to beach isn’t a plan activity to do.

So here I am, sharing my summer time story that happened last year at the summer capital of the Philippines, Boracay. Visited twice last year, first was on March and the second was last September. Sorry, I don’t have much pictures to post of the activities I had because we were so enthralled by the island and the place where we stayed at was quite far from the beach area.

Ai, Athan, Me last March 2014
Ana(friend I met in Manila), Ai, Me last September 2014
Ai, Julie(someone we met at the island), Me, Jen (back – Ai’s classmate), Ana
Gwen, Ana, Ai, Me, Joy (front); Julie, unknown, Hugo, Yuta (2nd) and unknown at the back

We stayed at Alice in Wonderland both of our stays. The place is solemn and a perfect place to relax because it’s quite far from the beach area, it has a pool for everyone too. I can recommend you this place or you can check their site Alice in Wonderland

The place is affordable and for sure will fit in your budget. The staffs are very welcoming and they have a wifi connection for everyone to share.

Boracay last March 2014
Boracay  last September 2014

On how to go to the island please visit My Boracay Itinerary for related details. Thank you! 🙂

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