Wow Lubao – 2nd IBF

 It’s almost weekend and bored already. It was last day of the week and my officemates were talking about the balloon festival.

This is my chance to witness the balloon festival because I wasn’t able to witnessed the balloon festival and opted not to go to that happened last February due to my buddy’s health condition.

So I asked them about the whereabouts and searched it through google for more info about the said activity. Thankfully, it was true and that they were right about the 2nd Lubao International Balloon Festival that’ll be happening at Lubao which was a 3-day activity.

 Weekend comes and I pestered my buddy to come with me to Pampanga to witness the Lubao Festival. Gladly, even without proper rest after his work he willingly came with me to the said event. Yayyy!!

From Makati, we rode a bus to Cubao. First, we went to Victory Liner however the line was very long so we walked and look for another bus that passes by the said place. It quite took our time and finally found Genesis liners. We waited for the line and after three buses we were able to sit.

Bought snacks at the bus. Before the bus started, I asked the bus conductor to drop us at the place of the event. We were patiently sitting, after almost 5 hours and as our butts were getting hotter we arrived at the said event. The bus fare costs P168/pax.

It was almost 2000, good thing we still made it and witnessed few balloons. By 2100, the band Kamikazee performed, good thing they performed for my buddy’s sake and it was our chance to witness them performed before the band will be disbanded. After performing, there was fireworks that lit up the sky.

After the day’s event, though there’s still one day left we decided to go home even though it was very late already.

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