I survived Sagada

Hi! So basically this is my 1st time blogging.. and yes!! 1st place to talk about was my trip to Sagada last December 2014.

Quite late, but as we know.. it’s better to share and write late rather than not.

At first it wasn’t my intention to visit the place however travel factor posted a photo of the Sagada Bonfire Fest sometime around November last year…

I got curious about the said event and excitedly went to google to search the place. Read all the posts about the place and YESSS!!! From then, I made a decision to visit the place alone or not. Loner am I? haha. I went to instagram and post the said event hoping that one of my friends will attend the fest, Luckily a friend of mine and her girlfriends were talking about the place and that they’d like to visit the place as well. So fate’s in favor of me. Wohoo!!! ^_^

From then on, we exchanged nonstop messages through facebook. I wanted to make my own itinerary however my friend wanted it to plan the whole travel because of the limited time we had. My friend made all the travel plans and all I did was pay her. First I pay her P1,100 for the 2-night bonfire fest and the 500 pesos downpayment for the 3 days 2 night getaway.

Fast forward to the date.. December 26, 2014 around 2230-2300 was the met up at SM Mall of Asia together with the other individuals who were into the tour package as well. From that time I paid her the remaining balance of  P2,350.

Almost 2400, we were on our way to Sagada via Banaue. Not later 0700 we arrived at Banaue.

Took alot of pictures….

Arrived at Sagada, checked in and had late lunch at Salt N Pepper. Pictures at the back of the inn. Sadly I wasn’t able to get the inn’s name.

In the afternoon head off to Bomod-ok falls. Get ready your feet and legs for a long trekking and don’t forget to bring lots of water. 

Before going back to the inn we had a detour to orange farm..

Then back to the inn and getting ready for our very first Bonfire festival.

For the next day… woke up a little late then getting ready for the Sumaguing Cave. Didn’t do the Cave connection due to the limited time we had.


After visiting the Sumaguing Cave, had lunch and went directly to our next stop which was the Echo Valley and Hanging Coffins.

 After the afternoon’s activities we still have time so we headed back downtown for souvenir shopping since it was our last day there and dine at Yoghurt house. Return to the inn and get ready for the 2nd and last day of the festival.

Had so much fun during the last night of the fest. Did top loading which is definitely a must try. Went back to the inn happily. 

For our 3rd and last day… woke up very very early. Headed to Kiltepan to witnessed the beautiful sunrise.

After witnessing the sunrise it’s time to say good bye to Sagada. Upon going home, we took the Baguio route and stopped by at Halsema Highway.

After taking lots of pictures, we’re on our way to Baguio and stopped for awhile for picture taking.

Got back to the van and off our way to the Metro. If you noticed, I don’t have pictures of the restaurants where we dine and eat because during those critical times, we were horribly hungry… basically no time for picture taking. Hihi but you can dine in at Yoghurt House, Cafe Bodega, Lemon Pie House, Salt N Pepper, Sagada Happy House Restaurant… if you have additional suggestions please let me know. 

Sagada is perfectly made for trekkers out there and adventurous people. You need a lot of energy for walking and walking and walking…. but I don’t discourage those who are not fond of walking and trekking. The weather is really cold, I mean when you talk you can see smoke/mist. If you’re not fun of the cold weather don’t forget to bring a coat, jacket, scarf, bonnet, gloves, etc.

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